Ed Fagan Inc. Announces the Addition of Radiometal 4550 to the Company's Stock of Special Purpose Metals and Alloys

By Ed Fagan Inc., PRNE
Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Radiometal 4550 Soft Magnetic Alloy Is Used in the Manufacture of Sensitive Relays, Transformers, Chokes, and Specialty Motors Where the Properties of Silicon-Iron Alloys Do not Provide the Required Magnetic Performance.

DEVON, England, November 11, 2010 - Ed Fagan Inc. has announced the addition of Radiometal 4550 to the
company's line of soft magnetic alloys. Radiometal 4550 is a Soft Magnetic
Alloy consisting of 45% Nickel, with a balance of Iron and has excellent
permeability with high saturation flux density. Radiometal 4550 is used in
the manufacture of sensitive relays that need to respond to very weak
currents. Radiometal 4550 is also widely used in transformers, chokes and
special motors where the properties of silicon-iron alloys do not provide the
required magnetic performance.

Ed Fagan Inc. now stocks Radiometal 4550 in Rod and Strip/Coil. Rod is
available in diameters of 12.7mm (0.5"), 15.875mm (0.625"), 19.05mm (0.75"),
25.4mm (1.0"), 40mm (1.57"), 50.8mm (2.0"), and can be cut to the required
length (oversize bars are available upon request). Hard rolled Strip/Coil is
available in 0.381mm (.015") thickness x 250mm width (9.8425") as Inlac
coated or as uncoated material. Annealed Strip/Coil is available in 0.381mm
(.015") thickness x 250mm width (9.8425"). Radiometal 4550 hard rolled or
annealed Strip/Coil can be slit to the required width. Radiometal is a
trademark of Carpenter Technology Corp., Reading PA. Additional Radiometal
4550 information may be found at

Ed Fagan Inc. has supplied specialty metals and alloys such as
glass-to-metal sealing, controlled expansion, electrical/electronic,
refractory, and soft magnetic (non permanent magnetic) metals and alloys; and
other hard-to-find materials in various forms including sheet, plate, rod,
bar, coil, and foil for over 40 years to the Aerospace/Aviation, Defence,
Electronics, Magnetic, Medical, Lighting, Optical, Telecommunications,
Ceramics, Heat Treating, and other high-technology industries and has the
sales, support, warehousing, and distribution capability based in the UK that
can serve our costumers' global needs.

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