Russell Jones & Walker Launches International Divorce Specialist Division

By Russell Jones Walker, PRNE
Wednesday, November 10, 2010

LONDON, November 11, 2010 - Russell Jones & Walker, one of the UK's top family law firms, has opened
a specialist international divorce division in response to the demand from
ex-pats wishing to get divorced in England.

The client base of Russell Jones & Walker includes people living in
China, USA, Australia and Singapore, and, according to the firm's national
head of family law (, Amanda
, there is often doubt as to which country proceedings should be
issued in.

In international family law, speed is very important. This is because the
country where proceedings are issued first has jurisdiction, known as
Brussels II. Choosing where to issue proceedings is known as forum shopping
and in effect, this means there is often a race between the divorcing couple
to issue proceedings first.

Amanda said: "The reason so many want to use the English and Welsh courts
to get divorced is because it often provides a fairer outcome, the process
tends to be quicker than other countries and frequently more effective.

"For example, an English family might be living in Sweden due to the
husband's job. The husband tells his wife he has met someone else and as a
result, wants a divorce. In this scenario, we would advise the wife to issue
a Divorce (
Petition here as soon as possible as if the husband beats her to it
and issues first in Sweden, then the Swedish Courts will have exclusive
jurisdiction. Then the wife may well receive a less favourable financial
settlement as Swedish Courts favour a financial clean break and therefore the
wife may lose any rights to spousal maintenance.

"International divorce ( often
involves jurisdictional issues that can be complicated and can demand
contested hearings in their own right if parties are not in agreement. It is
therefore essential that you get the right advice from the start, because you
may find that it's too late if you issue proceedings in the wrong country."

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