ENN Solar Boosts Investment in Solar Farms

By Enn Solar Energy Co. Ltd., PRNE
Monday, February 21, 2011

LANGFANG, China, February 22, 2011 - At the 2011 SNEC, ENN Solar Energy, a China-based manufacturer of an
array of innovative solar technologies and services, announced continued
extensive investment in European and American solar power plant projects.
Currently, the company operates the world's most advanced automated
production line for the manufacture of tandem junction silicon thin-film
solar modules, with a leading 9% total area conversion efficiency. In the
future, ENN Solar Energy aims to enhance all-round cooperation with local
project integrators, developers, and EPC providers to advance solar energy
solutions and seek opportunities for solar projects.

The company continues to push the boundaries of solar energy with its
cutting-edge thin-film technology and innovative project development. In
2010, ENN Solar Energy oversaw the technical planning, development, and
construction of a 3.2MW solar power plant in Mastershausen, Germany, using
thin film modules fully produced by ENN Solar Energy. The Mastershausen PV
plant began feeding the power grid in late 2010. The company also completed
Phase I 1.17 of a 10MW rooftop plant in Italy. These and similar milestones
demonstrate an integration of solar power services, from production, project
development, to long-term maintenance and delivery.

According to Dr. De-ling Zhou, COO of ENN Solar Energy: "ENN will
continue to invest in power plants in Europe, America, and other overseas
markets. Our mastery of technology and development of a unique business model
provide a strong base for further overseas partnerships. We are eagerly
looking for new projects, and pushing forth a revolution in new power."

At the 2011 SNEC, ENN Solar Energy exhibited their core product: 540W 5.7
square meter tandem junction silicon thin film modules, with a total area
conversion efficiency of 9%. Additionally, their PV buildings, PV thermal
system, and large-scale solar farms accomplished integrated service, which
ranges from production, development, engineering, installation, long-term
maintenance, delivery, and financing. As Dr. Zhou commented: "PV buildings
are a source of renewable energy in the future, and allow us to develop
greener cities. At the same time, the PV thermal system and mini AC
grid-connected system can meet the needs of small and medium-sized
enterprises, families, and those in high-temperature regions like the

ENN Solar Energy also disclosed at the conference that a 5MW thin-film
project has already begun on a landfill in New Jersey, with completion
expected in mid-2011. The project will be one of the largest grid-connected
plants using thin-film solar modules, and has already received purchasing
commitments from a renowned energy supplier in the United States.

Dr. Zhou adds: "In 2010, ENN Solar Energy had achieved its goal of
expanding to Europe, North America, the Middle East, and North Africa. ENN
possesses clear strengths in terms of integrated services, technology and
service teams, and project experience. With time, and growing competition in
the solar energy sector, ENN Solar Energy plans to emphasize service,
expanding overseas power plants investment, and increasing partnerships on
various stages of the solar project."

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