Entrust National ID Solution Selected by United Arab Emirates to Enhance Security of all Citizens, Expatriates

By Entrust Inc., PRNE
Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DALLAS, May 25, 2011 -

- Entrust chosen for proven global leadership in delivering national IDs,
ePassports with PKI technology

Strengthening its position as a global leader of national ID and
ePassport (www.entrust.com/government/e-passport.htm) security,
Entrust, Inc. (www.entrust.com) will provide proven, PKI-based
(www.entrust.com/pki/index.htm) national ID
(www.entrust.com/government/citizen-id.htm) technology to the United
Arab Emirates
. The Emirates Identity Authority is leading a citizen-centric
initiative to provide smart national ID cards for citizens and expatriates
that will help enhance the stability and safety of the people and government
of the UAE.

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The program, led by Emirates Identity Authority Director General Dr. Ali
Mohamed Al Khouri
, is adopting advanced PKI technology to position the UAE ID
program with the most advanced in the world. By employing the latest visual
and biometric security features and embedded PKI technology, the ID cards
will validate the identity of each individual and provide strong
authentication to applications. Entrust, the global leader in PKI technology,
was the natural choice to establish trust architecture based on international

"We selected Entrust because of its international recognition and proven
reputation as the most trusted identity provider in the marketplace," said
Dr. Ali Mohamed Al Khouri. "This will now allow us to build a trusted
backbone for the integration of the national ID program with other
eGovernment services."

With the majority of citizens already registered for cards, this marks
the next phase of the Identity Authority's program to integrate the nation's
IDs for secure access to online government services. All citizens are
required to register for a card by the end of June 2011.

"We are very proud to have been chosen to bring our global PKI leadership
and experience to support the next phase of the UAE ID program," said Entrust
President and CEO Bill Conner
(www.entrust.com/corporate/management/bill_conner.htm). "This
announcement builds on our significant presence and leadership - in the
Middle East and around the globe - for national ID programs and ePassport
deployments. Entrust looks forward to working with Dr. Ali Mohamed Al Khouri
and the United Arab Emirates to deliver the security, enablement and return
on investment for this project."

Entrust has been a trusted advisor to many countries as they pursue
ePassport and national ID projects. The technology is currently in production
use in a number of countries issuing a high volume of ePassports, including
the United States, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Singapore, Denmark, Ireland,
Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, New Zealand and Finland. In fact, more than 50
percent of first- and second-generation ePassports deployed globally are
secure by Entrust.

Entrust Authority Security Manager, a world-leading PKI, manages the
digital keys and certificates that make up the digital identities used to
transparently automate security-related processes in an organization. As an
organization's certification authority system, the platform can help enable
the use of digital signature, digital receipt, encryption and permissions
management services across a wide variety of applications and solutions.

Emirates Identity Authority's (EIDA) project includes the establishment
of a modern population register in order to facilitate the obtainment of
government services as well as to provide the required information for
supporting decision-making, strategic planning and the allocation of sources
in all vital sectors in the UAE. Through this project, EIDA is also
responsible for the issuance of electronic identity cards for the whole
population in the country - nationals and residents - in order to verify and
confirm the identity of each individual through the personal number and the
smartcard related to the biological features of the individual.

By adopting cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology in its business,
Emirates Identity Authority is keen to play a distinctive and active role in
the sustainable development and economical growth of the country. This will
be achieved through this nationwide and accurate population register that
supports the government in its strategic planning, which will contribute in
elevating the UAE to its well-deserved position amongst the advanced
countries in the world.

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