Cambridge Temperature Concepts Wins Prestigious Award From the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance for Fertility Monitor DuoFertility

By Cambridge Temperature Concepts, PRNE
Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CAMBRIDGE, England, May 25, 2011 -

**Company selected from 100 international applicants to win an I Award
for Best Clinical Applicability**

**Award recognises DuoFertility's potential to reduce the cost of
infertility treatment and improve outcomes**

Cambridge Temperature Concepts (CTC), the company behind the
revolutionary fertility monitor, DuoFertility, has been awarded an I Award by
the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA) in recognition of its contribution
to solving healthcare challenges. DuoFertility uses wireless technology to
predict when ovulation will occur and offers couples trying for a baby the
best possible chance of conceiving naturally. News of this win follows CTC's
award in January of 100,000 Euros as the European finalist in the Qualcomm
Ventures' QPrize competition.

CTC was founded in 2005 by a group of scientists from the University of
to use wireless sensing technology to help the one-in-seven couples
who struggle to get pregnant naturally. DuoFertility consists of a small
wireless sensor that's worn as a stick-on patch under a woman's arm. It
measures body temperature 20,000 times a day to detect the subtle change in
temperature that occurs around ovulation. Results are wirelessly transmitted
to a hand-held reader, which highlights the most fertile time up to six days
in advance, giving couples plenty of time to plan to be together. When the
hand-held reader is plugged into a computer via the USB port, it sends the
results to CTC's fertility experts in Cambridge for further analysis and

A distinguished WLSA judging panel selected CTC from 100 international
applications to win the I Award for Best Clinical Applicability. Award
applicants were asked to articulate how their solution addresses healthcare
challenges by reducing costs and improving outcomes. Couples using
DuoFertility get the level of personal support and success rates normally
only associated with in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) clinics but without the
expense, invasive procedures or even the need to leave home. In a study of 99
patients with unexplained infertility who qualified for IVF treatment, six
months use of DuoFertility was shown to be as effective in achieving
pregnancy as one cycle of IVF. (To read the full academic paper, please
visit: In addition to
pinpointing ovulation, the data DuoFertility generates can be also be used to
detect a range of medical conditions. In these cases, a report is generated
for the couple's doctor that summarises the results and recommends potential
courses of action.

DuoFertility is available in the United Kingdom for 495 pounds Sterling
(approximately US$800), which is roughly one-tenth of the cost of a typical
cycle of IVF. CTC is so confident in the efficacy of their product that
DuoFertility comes with a "pregnant in one year or your money back"
guarantee, giving customers total reassurance in choosing this new
breakthrough technology.

Don Jones, Vice President, Wireless Health, Global Strategy and Market
Development, Qualcomm Labs and Chairman of the WLSA, said, "Cambridge
Temperature Concepts is representative of everything we look for in an I
Award winner - a powerful convergence of wireless and healthcare technologies
that both reduces cost and improves patient outcomes. Their DuoFertility
product offers a low cost, non-invasive and convenient alternative to IVF and
other invasive fertility therapies for the many couples who experience
unexplained infertility and we're delighted to recognise this important step
forward in wireless health."

Dr. Shamus Husheer, CEO and co-founder of Cambridge Temperature Concepts,
said, "We founded our company because we saw that wireless sensing technology
had the potential to help millions of infertile couples and so we are
especially pleased to be recognised by this prestigious award from the
Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance. DuoFertility has a potentially
transformative effect on best practice in infertility treatment and has been
available in the UK and Europe since 2009. The product is currently under
review for FDA approval in the United States - the next market we hope to
address as part of our mission to help more couples build families."

About Cambridge Temperature Concepts

Cambridge Temperature Concepts Ltd is a privately-owned company behind
the revolutionary fertility monitor DuoFertility. DuoFertility gives couples
trying for a baby the best possible chance of conceiving naturally by
continuously measuring a woman's body basal temperature to identify when
ovulation occurs. DuoFertility provides the most precise and accurate
information on a woman's most fertile days, and six months of use has been
shown to be as effective as a cycle of IVF treatment. CTC is funded by the
Cambridge Angels, Cambridge Capital Group, Downing Enterprise, Qualcomm and
private investors.

DuoFertility is available direct from and
also from

DuoFertility is currently featuring in the BBC 2's television series
Britain's Next Big Thing.

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About the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance

The Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA) is a special purpose trade
organization for innovators, globally relevant companies, scientists,
physicians, and policy makers. The WLSA is dedicated to creating value and
improving health, globally, through the convergence of communications
technologies, consumers, caregivers and all sectors of the life sciences and
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using wireless health innovations to better manage chronic conditions,
pre-empt disease and improve the lives of the elderly and under-served
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