Eternal Youth Through Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

By Clinic Ddr. Heinrich, PRNE
Monday, March 7, 2011

Clinic DDr. Heinrich(R) Offers Revolutionary Autologous fat Stem Cell Therapies

VIENNA, March 8, 2011 - Whereas formerly often only the symptoms of age were treated in cosmetic
medicine, autologous stem cell-assisted regenerative therapies take a more
comprehensive approach: the abundant stem cells in fat tissue are extracted
and introduced in the body. The autologous stem cells then exert their
regenerative power in the body where needed. Organs and tissues are
regenerated and rejuvenated; even degenerative and chronic diseases are

"Doctors used to simply throw the fat from liposuction away - but now we
know that it contains something akin to the elixir of life, which brings us
one giant step closer to the dream of eternal life," says DDr. Karl-Georg
, Viennese expert in New Cosmetic Surgery and anti-aging. In 2007, he
was the first European doctor to offer stem cell breast augmentation, and has
been successfully giving many patients larger breasts ever since.

Regenerative stem cell therapy requires the liposuction of a smallish
amount of fat. The stem cells are then isolated in a complex laboratory
process and introduced in the body. Depending on the indication, they are
either systemically or locally injected in a given organ or tissue (an
outpatient procedure performed under local anesthesia). The intravenously
administered stem cells find their own way to where their regenerative and
healing effect is needed.

The therapeutic effect generally manifests itself a few weeks afterwards.
The rejuvenating and regenerative effect of the stem cells brings about
remarkable improvements in looks, vitality, and organ functions that can
assume the nature of overall rejuvenation. This stem cell therapy can be used
either alone or in combination with bioidentical hormones.

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