Stem Cell Facelift - The Royal Road to a Young Face

By Clinic Ddr. Heinrich, PRNE
Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Clinic DDr. Heinrich(R) Performs Scar-Free Facelifts and Autologous Stem Cell-Assisted Facial Rejuvenations

VIENNA, February 24, 2011 - Who hasn't seen those elderly Hollywood divas with doll-like faces
overtightened by facelifts performed with scalpels? Modern stem cell
technology is putting an end to that! Stem cell facelifts enable remarkable
facial rejuvenation and toning with no scars. Henceforth nobody will ever
know that actresses took this royal road to facial rejuvenation.

"Stem cell-assisted facelifts fulfill the wish of many men and women for
gentle, subtle procedures with natural results," says DDr. Karl-Georg
, Viennese expert in New Cosmetic Surgery and anti-aging. Since 2007,
he has been using stem cells to give younger faces and larger breasts to
patients from around the world.

Faces and bodies age because the biological quality and elasticity of the
skin decline and subcutaneous tissue, musculature, and all other bodily
structures atrophy. The signs of time are familiar: skin loses freshness and
tone; wrinkles become deeper and permanent. Stem cell facelifts can reverse
this process!

Autologous stem cells are harvested from fat gently liposuctioned from a
problem zone using thin microcannulas. The stem cells are isolated in the
laboratory and then injected in the face, either pure or mixed with an
autologous fat matrix, using fine needles or thin cannulas. The power of the
stem cells improves skin and makes wrinkles vanish.

Visible rejuvenation of hands and cleavages is also possible with
autologous fat stem cells. Fat pads in the cheeks, neck, and chin (e.g.,
double chin) can be shaped using special facial microcannulas. DDr. Heinrich
also performs natural stem cell breast augmentation and body forming with
stem cell-enriched autologous fat.

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