FireScope Delivers Converged Management and Automation for FlexPod for VMware

By Firescope Inc., PRNE
Monday, May 16, 2011

New Capability Enables Consolidation of Management of FlexPod Powered Cloud Initiatives via Direct API Access for Rich, Service-View Dashboards

LONDON, May 17, 2011 - FireScope, Inc., the leader in aligning customers technology performance
to their business and customer experiences, today announced availability of
FireScope Unify for FlexPod, enabling converged management and automation of
the complete FlexPod for VMware stack from a single, dynamic interface.

At the heart of the solution lies an HTML5/Canvas visualization of a
FlexPod for VMware that takes advantage of direct API access to the NetApp
Filers, Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) blades and VMware vSphere to
provide unparalleled visibility into health and utilization across domains.
Additional data collection capabilities for business metrics, application and
user experience analysis provide extra dimensions to these views to put
events and performance in context of their impact on the business.

"FireScope's speed of deployment allows us to provide a comprehensive
cloud solution rapidly addressing the technology and operational needs of our
customers," said Wintosin Po, Managing Director RTP Technology. "This gives
RTP Technology a competitive advantage in time to value and confidence for
our customers knowing that their business services are highly available."

"Getting this single, converged view across my complete FlexPod stack is
invaluable," said Mike Chase, CTO dinCloud Technologies. "This helps me
ensure my customers are experiencing optimal performance by correlating
performance across functional domains and tying this performance to business

FireScope's approach to FlexPod for VMware offers 4 compelling

    -- A Top-Down Approach - By starting with the business service being
       delivered and working down through dependencies, organizations can
       more effectively prioritize workloads based on their impact on
       business services.
    -- Integration of the Complete Infrastructure Stack - FireScope's
       multiple data collection methodologies encompass the entire
       infrastructure stack, from environmentals to applications, with a
       particular focus where layers intersect and interact. In the case of
       FlexPods, organizations need to understand how a switch issue can
       impact storage performance, or mis-provisioned computing resources
       have become a bottleneck for the users' experiences.
    -- Rapid Deployment, Rapid Scalability - FireScope Unify is shipped as a
       virtual or physical appliance with the complete solution pre-installed
       and ready to start. This reduces deployment times to a few days,
       rather than the months required by traditional solutions. And as
       organizations grow, scaling the solution is as easy as connecting
       multiple appliances together via the solution's multi-site aggregation
    -- Dynamic, Auto Configuration - Built-in connectivity to NetApp
       Operations manager, VMware vCenter, Cisco Unified Computing System
       (UCS) Manager and other API's enables FireScope Unify to discover and
       inventory current configuration and automatically apply best-practice
       data collection, dependency mapping and event analysis, as well as

"Cloud initiatives are driven by the business needs that include greater
agility for business units and the services they provide, reducing the cost
and time to deliver those services to their customers and leveraging their
competitive advantages," said Steve Cotton, CEO of FireScope. "With this in
mind, it is imperative to execute cloud initiatives to deliver relevant
business outcomes such as gaining market share or your businesses response to
a competitive threat."

Rapid deployment and automation in configuration are critical elements
organizations need to manage today's highly dynamic cloud infrastructures.
The speed of deployment of new virtual machines, storage volumes and
applications has recently outstripped many organizations' ability to manage
these resources after they reach production. FireScope Unify's ability to
identify new resources or scaled resources, as the changes happen, empower IT
operations with greater agility throughout the application lifecycle. This
has the added benefit of reducing the workload on IT operators, enabling them
to focus on business-driving projects.

Additionally, FireScope Unify for FlexPod features a drag-and-drop rack
builder that further simplifies the process of configuring and scaling
FlexPod for VMware racks. Administrators simply drag hardware resources into
a rack, specify the appropriate API integration point for data collection,
and configuration is complete.

More information about FireScope Unify for FlexPod can be found by
visiting, where visitors can
watch videos of the solution in action, read customer success stories and
request a free trial of FireScope Unify.

About FireScope

FireScope is the leader in aligning customers' technology performance to
their business and customer experiences through highly innovative, on-demand
solutions. FireScope's suite of products includes three primary enterprise
offerings: FireScope Unify(TM) Business Service Management (BSM) - your
dashboard for enterprise IT strategy; FireScope Orchestrate(TM) Configuration
Management Database (CMDB) - your playbook for IT Operations; and FireScope
Comply(TM) - your compass for managing IT compliance. FireScope Inc.,
headquartered in Huntington Beach, California has offices in Sydney, New
, Dallas and London. To learn more about FireScope and its advanced ITSM
solutions, visit or call +1-877-780-3473.

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