First 2012 838hp 240mph Mosler RaptorGTR Hyperexotic Car Breaks Cover Via an Extreme Music Video

By Supercar Engineering Inc., PRNE
Monday, November 14, 2011

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida, November 15, 2011 -


For the first time in the 100-year history of the automobile, a crushing new supercar is being launched via an extreme music video: This new 2012 Mosler RaptorGTR #001 features an 838hp 7.0L forged V8 twinturbo powerplant accelerating only 2580lbs. The ultralight street missile is built with carbon-fiber LeMans Prototype construction concepts to keep the weight radically lower than any car in the hyperexotic category, while remaining extremely safe. For an example of the safety of this construction concept, see

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The magic of the $700,000 RaptorGTR lies in the extensive use of carbon-fiber, which is pound-for-pound five times stronger than steel and visible inside and outside of the car. The result of this construction concept combined with a twin-turbocharged 7.0L powerplant is a power-to-weight ratio that is 36% higher than the 987hp / 4162lb $1.7million Bugatti Veyron. Power-to-weight is the primary variable to determine the ‘rush’ of acceleration. Low weight, low center of gravity, high power, and strong traction yield a 2.3second blast to 60mph and 1.4g’s of lateral roadholding. See for more detailed information.

Abby Cubey wrote Feel My Fire expressly for the launch of the RaptorGTR. She is the definition of an international recording artist. Abby’s father is from Europe; mother from Asia. She was born in Hong Kong, and educated in America (Georgetown Univ). Additionally, Abby sings in seven languages. The Feel My Fire song and video are available for download worldwide on under Abby Cubey.  

By virtue of being directly exposed to the atmosphere, the turbos generate a fighter jet soundtrack.  The sound is so unique, that the producer of Feel My Fire used the turbos as an instrument in the song.  


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After completing a performance driving school with the RaptorGTR, a $70,000 SEI upgrade yields the 1212hp CubeyGTR, which features a front clip designed after Abby’s exotic eyes. This upgrade package will be limited to 12 cars.

Visit for more information and downloads of the Feel My Fire song, ringtones, and video. 15% of the revenue from Feel My Fire and sale of RaptorGTR #001 will be donated to the holiday charity: Toys For Tots.  

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