MakeMeReach, France's Leading Facebook Advertising Broker, Closes EUR3M Financing Round

By Makemereach, PRNE
Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PARIS, April 27, 2011 - MakeMeReach, founded by Pierre-Francois Chiron and Mathieu
, closes on EUR3 million of new equity financing to boost growth,
welcoming investment funds Alven Capital, UFG-Siparex and Siparex Venture as

MakeMeReach, social media agency and France's largest Facebook
applications source, has grown exponentially since its launch. New venture
relentlessly focused on providing high quality service, MakeMeReach has
officially been accredited by Facebook as an Adproviderin January, 2011.

Following the success of its advertising brokerage services,
MakeMeReach expanded its offering with a new Social Media Marketing platform,
which includes:

- Facebook Applications development

- The design, management and promotion of Facebook pages

MakeMeReach serves brands such as Oasis, BNP Paribas, NRJ,
Renault and L'Oreal. The company's current headcount exceeds twenty people.
MakeMeReach is planning to hire several dozen new employees to ramp up its
sales team in France and in other countries over the next few months. Another
development area will be improving partner advertising optimization tools.

For Pierre-Francois Chiron, co-founder and CEO of MakeMeReach,
"This round of financing is happening at a key moment in MakeMeReach's
development. It confirms the power and impact of social media and will allow
us to roll out our strategy in France and in Europe. We hope to grow our
business in the geographical areas where social networks are booming."

Jeremy Uzan of Alven Capital notes: "We were won over by
MakeMeReach's innovative positioning and by the drive we saw in the founders
as well as in the whole team. MakeMeReach quickly carved out a place for
itself as a market leader thanks to its exceptional know-how and expertise in
social networks. We are delighted to be supporting this ambitious company,
which has confirmed its high potential from day one, and to help boost its

    The Partners

    Alven Capital - Jeremy Uzan
    1 place Andre Malraux - 75001 Paris, France
    Telephone +33 1 55 34 38 38

    UFG-Siparex - Guillaume Toussaint and Yannick Petit
    27 rue Marbeuf - 75008 Paris, France
    Telephone +33 1 53 93 00 91

    Siparex Venture - Thomas Delalande
    27 rue Marbeuf - 75008 Paris, France
    Telephone +33 1 53 93 02 20

Advisors to the Investors

Accounting Audit: Catherine PostelSegaliny - Transparence Groupe

Strategic Audit: Martin Coppet - UNAMI

Charles Decap, Avocats 163

Legal Counsel to the Parties: Olivier Edwards, Laurence de Tinguy -
Morgan Lewis

About MakeMeReach

MakeMeReach is France's largest Facebook applications source.
Founded in September 2009 by Pierre-Francois Chiron and Mathieu Fournier, it
has shown very strong growth from its inception. The company was officially
accredited by Facebook in early 2011 as a Facebook Adprovider.

Following on the success of its advertising brokerage
business, MakeMeReach expanded its offering with the launch of the Social
Media Marketing platform, which develops custom Facebook applications as well
as designing, managing and promoting Facebook pages.

Today, MakeMeReach employs over 20 people and serves brands
such as Oasis, BNP Paribas, NRJ, Renault and L'Oreal.

About Alven Capital

Alven Capital is an independent venture capital investor with
EUR150 Million under management, mainly for institutional investors. Alven
Capital invests in high-growth ventures in media, services and information

Alven Capital has invested in over 40 companies in Europe,
including, MobPartner,, Aquarelle, Liligo, Wanimo,
Splendia,, Webhelp, Newsweb, Companeo, Metaboli, Qosmos, etc.


SIPAREX Group, founded 33 years ago, is the premier
independent French specialist provider of growth capital for SMEs. The Group
has over EUR1 Billion under management, including mid-market "Development
Capital and LBO"and "Regional and Innovation Capital", financing technology,
innovative and regional companies. In addition, SIPAREX Group provides
consulting in emerging markets.Siparex covers all of France via a strategy of
close local presence, from Paris, Lyon, Besancon, Lille, Nantes, Strasbourg,
and also has offices in Madrid and Milan. The Group employs approximately 90
staff, of which 55 are investment professionals.


UFG-SIPAREX is the product of the merger between the venture
capital arm of UFG-LFP (the Asset Management affiliate of CreditMutuel Nord
Europe, with over EUR30 Billion under management) and SIPAREX Group. Its
purpose is to invest from EUR0.5 Million to EUR3 Million as a minority or
majority partner in mid-sized, innovative companies, over a wide range of
business sectors.

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