First Use of the PerX360 System(TM)

By Interventional Spine Inc., PRNE
Monday, May 23, 2011

IRVINE, California, May 24, 2011 -

Interventional Spine, Inc. today announced the first use of its
innovative Percutaneous Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion System, the
PerX360 System(TM), for the treatment of lumbar discogenic pain and

Developed with the assistance of renowned surgeons in Europe and the
United States
, this new system is the first and only system in the world
capable of providing surgeons the ability to perform a complete 360 lumbar
interbody fusion via two 15mm percutaneous incisions. The system includes the
Optiport(TM) access instrumentation and the Opticage(TM) interbody. The
system was awarded CE Mark approval from its European Union Notified Body
earlier this month.

The procedure was performed by Dr. Rudolf Morgenstern at the Teknon
Medical Center in Barcelona, Spain, who was instrumental in the system's
design and development.

"This is the way lumbar fusion surgeries will be performed in the
future," commented Dr. Morgenstern. "The days of large incisions and long
stays at the hospital for patients undergoing these types of surgeries are
over. This system is very simple to use, can be performed with local
anesthesia and should provide the patient a lower level of pain than today's
highly invasive surgical approach. Also, at a time when most countries are
undergoing healthcare cost pressures, the ability to do these types of
procedures percutaneously, with local anesthesia and in an out-patient
environment, will result in significant savings to governments and payors
around the world," concluded Dr. Morgenstern.

Mr. Walter A. Cuevas, Chief Executive Officer of Interventional Spine
commented, "We are very pleased with how this system performs. Working
together with surgeons from two continents, our engineers have developed a
revolutionary system that, in my opinion, will transform the way the world
treats lumbar disc pain via fusion. The system involves a completely new
approach to lumbar fusion, including both the instrumentation used to provide
access to the spine and a unique interbody device that can be delivered in a
truly percutaneous manner. We are grateful to all of the contributors who
were involved in the development of this system."

Dr. David L. Greenwald, Neurosurgical Associates of St. Augustine,
, who was also involved in the development of the system, commented,
"I can't wait for this system to be approved in the United States. By
adapting new, state-of-the-art technologies to existing fusion procedures,
Interventional Spine has developed a very simple approach to the
standard-of-care lumbar fusion procedure. I believe this system will benefit
health care providers, patients and payors alike, while providing the same
tried and true benefits of a proven surgical procedure," concluded Dr.

Interventional Spine(R), Inc. is a privately held company based in
Irvine, California, that designs, develops and markets patented implantable
devices for the spine that can be deployed via percutaneous techniques.
Supported by the Company's unique product introduction systems,
Interventional Spine's products provide benefits to patients, surgeons and
hospitals alike. This system joins their current product offerings; the
PERPOS(R) PLS System, the PERPOS(R) Percutaneous Cervical System, the PDS
System(TM) and RENEW(TM) Allograft. More information on the Company and its
products can be found at:

    Walter A. Cuevas


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