Syneron-Candela Launches new Breakthrough Products at the 22nd World Congress of Dermatology in Seoul, Korea to Provide Unprecedented Aesthetic Device Technology

By Syneron-candela, PRNE
Monday, May 23, 2011

YOKNEAM, Israel, May 24, 2011 -

Syneron Medical Ltd. (NASDAQ: ELOS), the leading global
aesthetic device company, announced today during the opening of the World
Congress of Dermatology the global launch of several new devices that confirm
the company's continued efforts towards offering physicians and their
patients best in class solutions for energy based aesthetic applications.

These new devices and their upgrades are being presented to
international physicians for the first time at the Syneron-Candela booth
during a medical meeting which takes place only once every four years and
represents the premier global event for latest advancements in skin health
organized under the auspices of the International League of Dermatological

"We are excited about the opportunity we have to share our
latest innovations with the prominent scientific and medical professionals
attending this meeting," said Louis P. Scafuri, Chief Executive Officer of
Syneron. "The history of our company is steeped in science that offers
results and is at the basis of the trust filled relationships we have
developed with our medical partners over the years."


This revolutionary facial treatment technology offers
consumers with the best possible treatment option for improved skin volume,
tightening, tone and elasticity. This minimally invasive aesthetic device can
deliver deep into the dermis controlled amounts of Radio Frequency (RF)
energy for dramatic improvements in skin appearance in just one single
treatment. During the media panel, Henry Hin Lee Chan, MD, PhD - Hong Kong
Dermatology and Laser Centre said that because this device "uniquely induces
marked elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid production, all naturally
occurring substances that help define skin tone and texture, we are getting
great improvement in facial skin treated by e-Prime. In addition, we are
getting great feedback from clients on how thrilled they are by their natural
and relaxed appearance and improved complexion."

GentleLASE(R) Pro

This is the company's latest and most advanced aesthetic
laser. With this new device, physicians are able to treat much more than just
unwanted hair as it also offers an opportunity to treat sun damaged skin, age
spots, freckles and wrinkles. It is easy to use, cost effective, fast and
provides unparalleled hair removal efficacy thanks to its delivery of the
highest peak power in hair removal lasers. The enhanced versatility of this
machine comes from various features including the variable pulse duration,
possibility to choose between six different spot sizes, multiple hand pieces
and light weight delivery systems that contribute to lower operator fatigue
and greater treatment convenience.

On-going innovation

"Innovation is the main driver of our business. We are
passionate about it and all the new ideas or improvements we bring to the
market, are based on strong scientific data and our heavy investment in
research and development," said Shimon Eckhouse, co-founder and Chairman of

A clear illustration of Syneron's innovation and ability to
bring new and exciting products and technology to the market are 3 products
that have been launched just within the last 12 months - elure(TM),
eMatrix(R) and CO2RE(TM).

elure is a revolutionary topical cosmetic for skin lightening
which uses the proprietary patented natural enzyme, Melanozyme(TM). elure is
the only skin whitening product in the world that lightens skin by
decomposing melanin, the pigment that accumulates in the skin to cause a
darkened or uneven skin tone. This unique mode of operation allows elure to
create healthier, brighter and younger-looking skin in less than 30 days,
with an excellent safety profile and very high tolerability.

eMatrix Sublative Rejuvenation(R) is the world's first bipolar
RF technology for energy-based facial rejuvenation. Patient down time is
minimal when adopting this treatment methodology thanks to the unique
delivery of high-intensity dermal impact and minimal epidermal disruption.
Physicians can comfortably use this device for all skin types and tones and
in particular the darker skin colors that are often more difficult to treat.

CO2RE is a complete CO2 resurfacing system that offers
physicians more choices and greater flexibility for meeting their individual
practice needs. It includes a unique fusion fractional mode for treating
superficial and deep skin layers simultaneously with precision control over
the intensity pattern and depth of ablation.

All of Syneron's products are backed by scientific data which
is regularly presented at high level medical meetings and conferences,
highlighting the company's commitment to science. This unique combination of
cutting edge science, life-enhancing clinical results and high level of trust
within the global aesthetic community contributes to solidifying Syneron's
leadership position in the Medical Aesthetic market.

About Syneron Medical Ltd.

In 2009, Syneron Medical Ltd. and Candela Corporation merged to create
the global leader in the medical aesthetic devices market with both a short
and long-term vision for developing this market. The strong financial base
and aligned resources, allow this newly formed company to offer customers the
broadest available product portfolio, the best global service organization
and an expansive worldwide distribution network.

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