Interventional Spine(R), Inc. Announces Continued Success With Its Unique PERPOS(R) Percutaneous Cervical System

By Interventional Spine Inc., PRNE
Sunday, August 15, 2010

IRVINE, California, August 16, 2010 - Interventional Spine, Inc. today announced the completion of another
successful surgery with the unique PERPOS Percutaneous Cervical System for
the treatment of neck pain.


To the Company's knowledge, the PERPOS Percutaneous Cervical System is
the only product that can stabilize the posterior cervical spine with a truly
percutaneous procedure. Designed based on the experience gained with the use
of its PERPOS lumbar system, in use in the United States since 2005, the
company believes that its percutaneous approach to the cervical spine will
minimize intra and post-operative patient morbidity, reduce procedure time
and provide cost efficiencies to hospitals and surgeons alike.

The PERPOS Percutaneous Cervical System includes a 3.8mm CS Facet
Compression Device which is indicated for the treatment of Spondylolisthesis,
Spondylolysis, Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD), degeneration of the facets
with instability and fracture, Pseudoarthrosis, and also for patients that
have failed previous fusion of the cervical spine. Its intended use is to
stabilize the spine as an aid to fusion through bilateral immobilization of
the facet joints via bilateral facet fixation, with or without bone graft, at
single or multiple levels from C2 to S1. Currently, there are approximately
125,000 cervical spine procedures completed each year in the United States
and an equal number performed internationally. The Company estimates that the
market for the PERPOS Percutaneous Cervical System is over US$450 million
annually on a worldwide basis.

The surgery was performed at the Mercy Medical Center in Redding, CA, by
Dr. David Bradley Jones, MD. Upon completing the procedure, Dr. Jones
commented: "For the true percutaneous approach, it is a huge benefit for the
patient in post op recovery - less pain and less risk of wound complications.
From a hospital standpoint, the percutaneous application in a posterior
cervical fusion case allows for a much reduced length of stay therefore
higher contribution to margin compared to an open procedure. I was able to
successfully accomplish my desired goal of allowing a decompression and
fusion in this posterior cervical fusion (PCF) revision case."

Walter A. Cuevas, Chief Executive Officer of Interventional Spine
commented: "The PERPOS Percutaneous Cervical System has some key patented
attributes which make it unique among other posterior cervical systems in the
market." The product was officially launched at the International Society for
the Advancement of Spine Surgery meeting in New Orleans on April 27 - 30,

Interventional Spine, Inc. is a privately held company based in Irvine,
that designs, develops and markets patented implantable devices
for the spine that can be deployed via percutaneous techniques. Supported by
the Company's unique product introduction systems, Interventional Spine's
products provide benefits to patients, surgeons and hospitals. More
information on the Company and its products can be found at:

    Walter Cuevas
    Chief Executive Officer

Walter Cuevas, Chief Executive Officer of Interventional Spine, Inc., +1-949-472-0006

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