Fixnetix Selects CorvilClear to Drive Inter-Party Latency Management and Transparency Between its Client Base of Market Participants and Global Liquidity Venues

By Corvil, PRNE
Sunday, November 15, 2009

LONDON and NEW YORK, November 16 - Corvil, innovator of electronic trading and market data latency
management systems, today announced that Fixnetix, the leading provider of
ultra-low latency market data and trading connectivity to liquidity venues
worldwide, is partnering with Corvil to offer CorvilClear to its global
client base of financial institutions. CorvilClear is the first inter-party
latency management system developed for the global electronic trading

"Our business is focused on providing market participants with a
competitive edge in their electronic trading and market data infrastructure,
by providing the most innovative technologies and services that deliver
ultra-low latency," said Fixnetix Chief Executive Officer, Hugh Hughes.
"Fixnetix utilise Corvil probes to ensure our end-to-end latency metrics
remain the lowest possible in the industry. CorvilClear is the preferred
solution for inter-party latency management with many of our clients and we
look forward to providing them with Corvil's advanced latency measurements
and analytics to multiple markets for further optimization of their trading

Launched in April of this year, CorvilClear utilizes peer-to-peer latency
sharing technology to exchange precise performance data and analytics among
trading partners - market participants, liquidity destinations and market
service providers - in a scalable manner. Peering parties mutually agree to
the level of transparency, and enforce the latency sharing policy securely
without exposing any privileged information.

"This new deal signifies a major expansion by Fixnetix of CorvilNet
within their internal infrastructure and a strong commitment to latency
transparency via the adoption of CorvilClear," said Corvil CEO, Donal Byrne.
Fixnetix has been a client since October 2008 when it purchased CorvilNet for
latency management of their network. "The deployment of CorvilClear to
multiple markets enables Fixnetix to competitively differentiate their
low-latency connectivity and market data distribution services to electronic
trading clients," said Byrne. CorvilClear is available immediately via
Fixnetix for fourteen markets globally, with plans to augment up to 35
markets in 2010.

CorvilClear is a peer-to-peer (P2P) based technology for the secure
exchange of latency measurements and analytics between cooperating parties,
and does not require a central mediation authority. CorvilClear leverages
Corvil's time synchronization technology that uniquely overcomes the
requirement for all parties to use common clock synchronization (e.g., GPS).
CorvilClear acts as a catalyst for trading parties to leverage existing
business relationships for their collective benefit without the need to
divulge sensitive or proprietary information. Specifically, a trading
organization with a trusted set of venue and provider relationships can use
CorvilClear to achieve latency management and transparency across the full
trading infrastructure.

About Corvil

Corvil, leader in electronic trading and market data latency management,
was founded in 2000 and operates from New York, London and Dublin. The
company's global client base encompasses global banks, high frequency
traders, exchanges, and service providers to financial markets.

Recognized as a technology innovator in latency management, Corvil offers
complete solutions for enhancing electronic trading and market data delivery
including latency compliance management, latency monitoring & troubleshooting
, and infrastructure sizing for low-latency Service Level Agreements. For
more information on Corvil, please visit

About Fixnetix

Fixnetix is the leading provider of low latency market data and trading
infrastructure connectivity to financial institutions such as investment
banks and hedge funds.

Fixnetix solutions deliver proven end-to-end performance ensuring minimal
latency to all major trading venues in Europe and worldwide. Fixnetix
delivers data in multiple formats, with sub-millisecond transformation if
required, with services provided on the wire for reduced support costs,
delivery times and ease of integration.

Whether co-located as close as possible to any exchange or MTF using
Fixnetix's @Source hosting, or connecting via the company's Ethernet and
fibre network, financial institutions can leverage Fixnetix's high bandwidth
connectivity without routing or hops for lowest latency direct access. For
more information about Fixnetix, please visit

CONTACT: Collette Bird, Corvil, E-mail: collette.bird at, +353-1-859-1040; For further details: Melanie Budden, Fixnetix PR, Tel: +44(0)7974-937970

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