Forecasts for Cosmetic Surgery Trends 2011

By The British Association Of Cosmetic Doctors, PRNE
Sunday, January 9, 2011

LONDON, January 10, 2011 - According to the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors, the
demand for non-surgical procedures soared in 2010 as women and men embraced
alternatives to cosmetic surgery.

Dr Mike Comins Chairman of the BACD says:

"Less appears to be more when it comes to cosmetic treatments.
With the economic downturn, people seem to be spending hundreds of pounds on
treatments like Botox and fillers to keep the scalpel at bay rather than
thousands on major cosmetic surgery."

The most popular procedures performed by the BACD in 2010 were
Botox and fillers, which saw a 30% rise. This suggests that the plastic
fantastic look is out and a more subtle look is in.

"Cosmetic medicine has come of age as doctors discover just
what we can achieve non-surgically. It's about using safe and effective
treatments and perfecting them to give a refreshed look. People are having
what is known as "Botox Lite" or "Baby Botox" where we use less to achieve a
more subtle look. Cosmetic Doctors are even using Botox in the jaw line to
produce a lift that is more cost effective than cosmetic surgery for women in
their late 40's and 50's." says Comins.

The BACD predicts that 2011 will see the rise of 'the fluid
facelift'; a procedure that adds filler to the cheeks, and areas where fat
has depleted in such a way that the face begins to hollow. As the aging
process is better understood, doctors have realised that facial volume
depletion and migration causes facial ageing. Placing fillers deep under the
skin adding volume to areas that need it, leads to a refreshed rather than
"Wildensteined" appearance. Dr Comins does stress that these techniques are
very advanced and it is important to have them performed by health
professionals with a thorough understanding of the facial tissues and ageing
process, such as doctors within the BACD.

The number of men seeking cosmetic treatments also rose by
21.5% in 2010 and will continue to grow. "Men are increasingly self conscious
and are coming forward for body contouring procedures like Liposculpture and
Vaser" says Comins. "These procedures are performed under local anaesthetic
and do not cause major disruption. They give a sculpted appearance and reduce
areas of localised fat." Hair transplants are also on the rise fuelled by
celebrities like James Nesbitt who have gone public with their
transformation. New techniques in hair restoration produce a more natural
look that appeals to men. "In my own private business we have seen 100% rise
in demand for hair transplant procedures" says Comins.

The BACD also predicts that 2011 will see a big trend towards
the regulation of cosmetic medicine and professional qualifications. The
Diploma of Cosmetic Medicine that the BACD launched though the University of
Leicester in 2010 will be highly sought after as a standard of excellence.

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