Foster + Freeman Enhances Authentication Capabilities with Graphic Security Systems' Patented Software

By Graphic Security Systems Corporation, PRNE
Sunday, March 14, 2010

LAKE WORTH, Florida, March 15, 2010 - Recently, Graphic Security Systems Corporation (GSSC) and Foster +
Freeman (F+F) signed a License Agreement, which authorizes combined usage of
F+F's software along with GSSC's SI Digital Decoding technology and IP,
becoming an official licensee of GSSC. The software will be used to digitally
authenticate VIP, VIPhoto and IPI in all major passports and ID documents

Foster + Freeman, the leading maker of high resolution multi-spectral
imaging devices, will offer GSSC's SI Digital Decoding software in its
systems such as the "VSC 6000," a comprehensive digital imaging platform,
which facilitates document examiners with an extensive range of utilities for
detecting irregularities on altered and counterfeit documents. The VSC 6000
is equipped with a high-resolution color camera and zoom lens, in addition to
a range of viewing filters and multiple illumination sources - from white
light to UV and IR, of various wavelengths. Instrument functions are selected
and controlled through a simple graphical user interface.

"We are always striving to collaborate with the key players in the
security and authentication market, to offer our customers innovative
solutions for their needs," explains Scott Perkins, GSSC Chief Operating
Officer. "By implementing GSSC's SI Digital Decoding software, in combination
with Foster + Freeman imaging devices, document examiners will be able to
authenticate VIPhoto and other common security features in one step,".
VIPhoto, which is part of the Scrambled Indicia technology portfolio,
developed by Graphic Security Systems Corporation, allows invisible
personalized data to be integrated or hidden into a facial photo or
background in variable form, making identity documents extremely resistant to
tampering or alteration. It is currently in use on multiple ID cards,
driver's licenses and passports, worldwide.

About Graphic Security Systems Corporation

Since 1981, GSSC has provided its patented security technology to
government-authorized security printing firms and major corporations. Its
security products have been featured on countless currencies, passports,
postage stamps, stock certificates, photo IDs and other security documents
worldwide. Trademarks and Registered Trademarks: Scrambled Indicia, Hidden
Indicia, VIPhoto, Doc-U-Lok and iDetector

U.S. Patents and Patents Pending: 7,466,876 - 7,512,249 - 11/868,060


About Foster and Freeman

Established in 1978, Foster + Freeman has become one of the foremost
forensic science equipment suppliers in the world, exporting market leading,
and in many cases unique products to more than 140 countries.

F+F products are designed to assist in finding evidence at scenes of
crime and in performing detailed forensic investigations in the laboratory.
F+F customers include all major police and forensic science laboratories as
well as government agencies, commercial and private organizations such as
homeland security, immigration authorities, security printers, lottery
companies, insurance companies, university departments and national


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