Hat Trick: Women Predominate in European E-Retailing for the Third Time in a Row

By Deutsche Card Services Gmbh, PRNE
Tuesday, March 22, 2011

COLOGNE, Germany, March 23, 2011 - The E-Retail Report 2010 by Deutsche Card Services shows that
women were still predominant in online retailing. Six out of ten purchases at
European e-retailers are initiated by women. Men spend more money on each
transaction with EUR 93.12 - EUR 24.47 more than those of "Jane Doe".

Men and women differ in their payment behaviour, too. The
credit card extended its lead as the most popular payment method among men by
three percentage points and is gaining ground among women, too. Besides Visa
and MasterCard, women still use retailer credit cards to an above-average
extent. "Such cards often include incentives, if a certain sales figure is
reached. Women appear to be more interested in that feature," says Jens
, member of the Management Board of Deutsche Card Services. Men
initiate higher transaction values and higher non-payment rates as well. The
share of chargebacks averaged 0.0926% for men. For women, it is only
one-third of that percentage. Only for goods above EUR 500, the non-payment
rate for women is more than double.

The E-Retail Report analyses purchasing and payment behaviour
and non-payment risks in online retailing and was recently published for the
fourth time in a row. In contrast to other research, the study by the
Deutsche Bank subsidiary is based on real-life purchases and not on surveys.
It starts from a selection of about eight million transactions settled via
the Deutsche Card Services platform. All data are fully anonymised and comply
with all data-protection requirements. The study is available for download
from the online shop of Deutsche Card Services.

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Press Contact: Deutsche Card Services GmbH, Marketing & Communications, Tobias F. Hauptvogel, Fon: +49221-99577-728, Fax: +49221-99577-8728, Email: pr.deucs at db.com

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