Fulton Innovation Brings a Glimpse Into the Future of Wireless Power to the Gadget Show Live 2011

By Fulton Innovation Llc, PRNE
Sunday, April 10, 2011

Company Demonstrates eCoupled(TM) Wireless Technology in the UK for the First Time with Qi Compliant Applications for Everyday Life

ADA, Michigan and BIRMINGHAM, England, April 11, 2011 - Fulton Innovation (www.fultoninnovation.com), the creator and exclusive
licensor of eCoupled(TM) intelligent wireless power(TM) will demonstrate
various applications of wireless power at The Gadget Show Live 2011 at NEC,
Birmingham, April 13-17, 2011. Fulton will be providing a glimpse into the
future of wireless charging capabilities with demonstrations of wireless
power integration across industries, including consumer electronics, kitchen
appliances, and point-of-sale packaging. A video of what Fulton has in store
for the show is at: bit.ly/h8cE4p

Fulton will display a frying pan that cooks food without the need for a
hob or microwave. The frying pan can be placed on an eCoupled-enabled
surface, heating the food faster and more efficiently than traditional
heating devices. Show attendees will see a blender operating on a kitchen
surface that uses instant wireless power - no charging is required.

The company will also be demonstrating how the technology is advanced
enough to be printed directly onto consumer packaging. On display will be
packaging that lights up and flashes on the shelf without any batteries. More
importantly, the same package uses wireless power to transmit nutritional
information, quantities, and expiration dates to a PC or mobile phone. It
means consumers can better manage what and how they consume on a daily basis
while manufacturers will both enhance the consumer experience and better
manage their inventories. eCoupled intelligent power links hardware to
software in order to make inventory management more accessible, efficient and

With over 12 years of unparalleled expertise in the development of
wireless power technology, Fulton continues to make strides in advancing the
technology to improve the lives of consumers and manufacturers. As a founding
member of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), Fulton has been a key
contributor in the development of the Qi global low-power standard for
wireless power and continues to assist in the development of standards at all
power levels.

"We are looking forward to showing the UK audience some amazing
demonstrations of wireless power, particularly demos of how the technology
can transform their everyday lives," said Dave Baarman, Director of Advanced
Technologies for Fulton Innovation. "In the past year, we have worked with
our partners and the WPC to broaden the reach of wireless power. We continue
to advance the direction and applications of wireless power to improve the
way that people interact with technology and everyday products."

Fulton will also be demonstrating mobile phones being charged on a
variety of surfaces including wood, laminate, plastic, and glass. Fulton
Innovation can be found at The Gadget Show Live in booth FT7 in the Future
Technology section of the show.

About Fulton Innovation and eCoupled Technology

A subsidiary of Alticor Corporation, Fulton Innovation is dedicated to
commercializing new and innovative technologies that improve the way we live,
work, and play. Fulton is working with a wide range of industry-leading
companies to integrate wireless power technology into infrastructure and
electronic devices to enable consumers to live a truly wireless life.

The engineers behind eCoupled have been developing, advancing, and
perfecting the technology for over 12 years. eCoupled technology has been
incorporated into Amway's eSpring(TM) water purification devices for 10

Amway employs more than 13,000 people worldwide, including over 500
engineers and scientists. Amway has sales of more than $9.2 billion annually.
It is headquartered in Ada, Michigan and has operations in more than 80
countries and territories worldwide.

For additional information, please visit ecoupled.com.

eCoupled, Fulton Innovation, and their respective logos are registered
trademarks of Fulton Innovation LLC. All other trademarks are the property of
their respective owners.

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