Ganart Technologies and Eurogiro Sign Agreement

By Eurogiro, PRNE
Sunday, May 22, 2011

COPENAGHEN, May 23, 2011 -

- Ganart Technologies and Eurogiro Sign a Strategic Partnership
Agreement to Provide a Solution That Delivers Financial Services to "the
Last Mile"

The Strategic Partnership Agreement between Ganart Technologies and
Eurogiro provides an end-to-end solution for postal and other financial
organisations to deliver international payments and remittances as well as
other financial services to the "last mile". For posts and other financial
service providers that seek to reach the unbanked and underserved population
in rural areas, the combination of the two companies' technologies will
provide fast, inexpensive, compliant and secure transactions to
host-connected and unconnected rural postal branches. "Trust, flexible
technology and a menu of services tailored to the needs of this market are
the elements that can change their world for the better," notes Webb Edwards,
-Founder of Ganart Technologies.

For Eurogiro, the partnership complements its own charter to provide a
secure, cost-efficient international payments and remittances system with
Ganart's "last mile" financial services technology solution to reach rural
locations with a semi or fully self-service customer experience via a kiosk
or other hardware device. "Ganart's technology advantages are the perfect
complement to the Eurogiro network and its community. It allows posts, as
well as banks, the ability to provide financial services reach that aid in
the financial inclusion agenda," stated Tjeerd Rienstra, CEO Eurogiro.

Art Holbrook, CEO Ganart Technologies explained, "It has been the vision
of Ganart to provide financial services to the world's underserved
population. With Eurogiro's expansive postal network, we can collectively
deliver a variety of financial services that have never before been offered,
especially in non-urban areas that lack basic infrastructure systems. We are
very much looking forward to working towards our common vision with

About Eurogiro A/S:

Eurogiro A/S, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a global payments
network and community connecting the postal and banking worlds. Founded in
1992, the company now connects over 60 postal organisations, post, savings
and commercial banks, and other financial service providers in nearly 50
countries through a shared IT platform and business standards. In 2007,
Eurogiro opened a representative office in Singapore to provide regional
support for its members and further expand in the Asia Pacific region. With
the vast global reach of the Eurogiro network members in city and rural
areas, Eurogiro offers one of the most extensive payment networks for
international payments and remittances. For more information visit

About Ganart Technologies:

Ganart Technologies is a proprietary provider of reserved and compliant
processing of information and transactions. Their money everywhere system is
designed around serving the underserved with their Ganart Fusion Last Mile
software solution, which has the ability to push a vast array of value
exchange services to those in their unit network. This capability gives their
customers consistency with their financial services systems from end to end
(units to back-end). The Ganart solution reaches the entire financial
pyramid, particularly the un-banked and under-banked. For more information

    Ganart Contact:

    Wayne McHugh, Managing Director, Ganart Technologies Inc.
    Phone: +1-603-930-8229,

    Eurogiro Contact:
    Tjeerd Rienstra, CEO, Eurogiro A/S
    Phone: +45-4371-2772,


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