"Global Mobile Advertising Revenues Will More Than Triple by 2016" Says Latest visiongain Report

By Visiongain, PRNE
Monday, September 19, 2011

LONDON, September 20, 2011 -


Visiongain’s new industry outlook report “Mobile Advertising 2011-2016” looks at the exploding market of mobile advertising and how it is being driven by accelerated technological developments. ¬†High resolution touchscreens and cameras, micro electro mechanical sensors like GPS, and 3G connectivity are enabling advertisers to better leverage location-based services, mobile coupons and social networks to offer dynamic and interactive mobile marketing campaigns.

Mobile advertising market revenues will grow at a CARG of 29.31% from $4.66 million to 16.85 billion in 2016.. Along with the trend setting countries of Japan and Korea, new markets, particularly India and China, are driving mobile advertising market growth. The US is banking on the boost from the mobile commerce market; and growth in Europe will be accelerated by a number of international sporting events in 2012. There are an increasing number of lucrative opportunities which will provide a huge boon to mobile advertising and marketing from 2011 to 2016.

Players moving into this growing market now will benefit significantly from the untapped opportunities currently available. Our research suggests that there is already fierce competition to gain the early movers advantage in the mobile advertising value chain. Network operators, content providers and publishers, app developers, technology vendors, ad agencies, ad networks, optimisers, brands and advertisers are all trying to gain a competitive advantage in a promising nascent market.

The mobile advertising sector is due to undergo significant changes over the forecast period with major adjustments in the ICT industry. The report provides a breakdown of all facets of this booming industry, with detailed analysis of the emerging ecosystem, profiles of current market players, the solutions on offer, forecasts for growth and development prospects for the period 2011-2016. Visiongain provides valuable insights on how to best leverage this emerging market which is set for impressive growth. The report includes interviews with experts at Blyk, Rhythm NewMedia and tyntec.

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary
E.1 The Rise of Mobile Advertising
E.2 Leveraging the Right Channels
E.3 A Complex Value Chain
E.4 Growth Opportunities Shaping the Industry

1. Introduction
1.1 The Global Advertising Industry
1.2 Breaking-Down Advertising by Media Type
1.3 Digital Media Advertising Driven by SMBs and Endemic Advertisers
1.4 Smart Device Growth to Drive the Mobile Services Market
1.5 Mobile Internet Attracts Advertising Revenues
1.6 Mobile Ad Formats
1.7 From Text to Rich Media Display
1.8 Adapting Mobile Advertising Strategies to User Habits
1.9 The Aim & Scope of the Report
1.10 Questions Answered by the Report
1.11 Structure of the Report
1.12 Methodology

2. Understanding Mobile Advertising Channels
2.1 SMS and MMS Marketing
2.1.1 Short Codes
2.1.2 Pull & Pull Messaging
2.1.3 An Uncontested Mobile Advertising Platform
2.2 Idle Screen
2.3 Location-Based Services: A Game Changer for Mobile Advertising
2.4 Location Based Advertising
2.5 Proximity Marketing
2.5.1 Bluetooth Marketing
2.5.2 Mobile Barcodes
2.5.3 Near Field Communication
2.6 Mobile Coupons
2.7 The Mobile Web
2.8 Mobile Search
2.8.1 Mobile Search Leads to More Purchasing
2.8.2 MNOs & Portal Deals
2.9 Mobile Applications
2.9.1 Market Size by Additional In-App Billed Revenue
2.9.2 The Ad-Funded Model
2.9.3 Branded Apps
2.9.4 Mobile Media-Related Apps
2.9.5 Mobile Shopping & Commerce Related Apps
2.10 Advergaming
2.11 Mobile Video
2.11.1 How MNOs Might Slow Mobile Video Ad Growth
2.12 Mobile Music

3. Deploying a Successful Mobile Advertising Strategy
3.1 The Role of Analytics
3.1.1 Display Advertising Tiers
3.1.2 Mobile Ad Networks Blind Networks Premium Blind Networks Premium Networks
3.2 Improving Mobile Search Engine Optimisation
3.3 Analytics, Data and Reach
3.4 Technical Challenges Exacerbated by a Fragmented Ecosystem
3.5 Overcoming the Dangers of Unauthorised Collection of Location Data
3.6 Building a Sustainable Strategy for MNOs
3.7 MNOs and Advertising
3.7.1 Turkcell
3.7.2 Orange & OpenX
3.7.3 AT&T and Pinger
3.7.4 Mobixell Network Solutions
3.7.5 MNO Joint Ventures
3.7.6 Partnerships with OTT Content & Service Providers
3.8 Choosing the Right Mobile Marketing and Advertising Solution

4. The Mobile Advertising & Marketing Ecosystem
4.1 OEMs & OTT Content and Service Providers
4.1.1 Google Mobile Search Advertising with AdWords Click-to-Call and Call Metrics Mobile Ad Sitelinks Hyperlocal Distance Information with Location Extensions The AdMob Network AdSense and AdMob Integration for Mobile Content DoubleClick in Mobile
4.1.2 Apple iAd Network How Successful is the iAd Network?
4.1.3 Yahoo!
4.1.4 Microsoft
4.2 Mobile Advertising Agencies
4.2.1 Clanmo
4.2.2 Sponge
4.2.3 Mobile Dreams Factory
4.2.4 Phonevalley
4.2.5 Hungama Mobile
4.2.6 Grupo.Mobi
4.2.7 The Success of Niche Mobile Ad Agencies
4.3 Mobile Advertising Networks
4.3.1 BuzzCity
4.3.2 Hands
4.3.3 InMobi
4.3.4 Jumptap
4.3.5 Millennial Media
4.3.6 Mobile Theory
4.3.7 Comparison Table of Mobile Ad Networks
4.4 Mobile Ad Exchange Servers
4.4.1 JiWire
4.4.2 Velti - mGage & MobClix
4.4.3 Nexage
4.4.4 Rhythm NewMedia - Excerpt Interview Key Trends in Mobile Advertising Obstacles for Mobile Video Advertising Rhythm NewMedia Key Strengths
4.4.5 Smaato
4.4.6 Comparison Table of Mobile Ad Exchanges
4.5 Mobile Ad Platforms
4.5.1 Amobee
4.5.2 Guohe Ad
4.5.3 Mobilera
4.5.4 Navteq Media
4.6 Mobile Ad Based Business Models and Services
4.6.1 Ad-Pod
4.6.2 Celltick Technologies
4.6.3 Mobile Posse
4.6.4 tyntec- Excerpt Interview Key Trends in Mobile Advertising Technological Developments Issues Facing Mobile Advertising Future Growth tyntec Services & Product Overview tyntec Competitive Advantage tyntec Growth Prospects
4.6.5 Blyk - Excerpt Interview Key Trends in Mobile Advertising Technological Developments Issues Facing Mobile Advertising Future Growth Blyk Services & Product Overview Blyk Competitive Advantage Blyk Growth Prospects
4.6.6 Comparison Table of Mobile Ad Based Business Models and Services

5. Leading Regional Markets
5.1 The United States - Country Analysis
5.2 Dynamic Growth in BRIC Countries
5.2.1 Brazil
5.2.2 Russia
5.2.3 India
5.2.4 China
5.3 Asia-Pacific - Regional Analysis
5.3.1 The Domination of South-East Asia
5.3.2 Beyond Japan and South Korea
5.4 The European 5: UK, Italy, France, Germany & Spain
5.5 Africa & The Middle East - Regional Analysis
5.5.1 Delivering Mobile Advertising to a Growing African Market
5.5.2 New Markets Opened By the Arab Spring Revolutions
5.5.3 A Prosperous But Closed Market in the Middle East
5.6 Chapter Conclusions

6. Conclusions
6.1 Mobile Marketing Industry Analysis
6.2 Mobile Advertising Channels and Formats: Apps vs. Internet
6.2.1 Banking On Apps
6.2.2 Will Pure Mobile Internet Play Trump Apps in the Long Run?
6.3 Monetising Opportunities will Drive Mobile Advertising Revenue
6.4 Mobile Marketing and Advertising Future Trends
6.5 Recommendations For MNOs
6.5.1 Challenge OTT Service & Content Providers
6.5.2 Apply Best Practices to Mobile Advertising
6.5.3 Use the Position in the Value Chain to Your Advantage
6.5.4 Capitalise on Data Floe through Your Network
6.6 Key Findings of the Report

7. Glossary

Notes for Editors

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