Global Risk Management Firm Clayton Consultants’ Exclusivity Provision Lifted Crisis Response Services Available Shortly for All Insurance and Private Clients

By Clayton Consultants, PRNE
Monday, August 29, 2011

RESTON, Virginia, August 30, 2011 -

Clayton Consultants, a global risk and crisis management consultancy, announced today that its crisis response and prevention services will be available to multiple insurance carriers and private clients.

Clayton Consultants specializes in providing response and prevention services related to incidents of kidnap for ransom, extortion, malicious product tampering and piracy. The company will end its eight-year, exclusive arrangement effective November 30, 2011.

According to Armand Gadoury, managing director at Clayton Consultants, “Since our inception, we have provided pre-incident consultation to thousands of multinational corporations and families, and have successfully responded to hundreds of cases. The most pressing question we receive from brokers and clients is whether they can access our services while having a greater choice of insurance providers. Unfortunately, for clients accessing our services through insurance channels, their choices have been restricted.”

Crisis management consulting firms commonly have strong channel partnerships with a single insurance company.¬† Gadoury added, “This past year has been the most active in Clayton’s history as an increasing number of organizations recognized the strength of our response team and turned to us as their first choice. Previously, our clients were restricted to one option for insurance coverage. Now they will be able to choose.”¬†

Multinational corporations and private clients worldwide have relied on the experience, local knowledge and professionalism of Clayton’s global consultant team. Clayton Consultants utilizes a unique operational model by employing geographically dispersed, tenured consultants with extensive regional expertise. “We take pride in our select, global consultant team and plan on maintaining and expanding this cadre of response professionals as Clayton continues to grow without the restrictions of exclusivity,” Gadoury added.

About Clayton Consultants

Clayton Consultants is a global risk and crisis management consultancy that provides clients with effective solutions to mitigate risk. The company specializes in crisis and risk consulting, security management, executive protection and training. Its consultants are experts in their fields-helping clients identify, understand and mitigate a wide range of business risks. Strategically positioned across the globe, Clayton’s consultants support clients in an advisory capacity based on their intimate knowledge of the local culture, politics and security issues. Today, the consultancy represents client interests in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and the United States.

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