Hanvon Launches a New Chapter in International Digital Publishing Cooperation

By Hanvon, PRNE
Sunday, March 13, 2011

TOKYO, March 14, 2011 - Faced with the rapid change of the mobile terminal industry,
traditional publishers have regarded digital publishing as a strategic
mission that is related to their own survival and development. Traditional
publishers in the United States, Japan and other developed countries have
begun to develop digital publishing businesses and have become pioneers in
the field of digital publishing content.

Hanvon is a leading global provider of e-book readers and also
the world's leading supplier of handwriting recognition, OCR and biometric
identification technology. Its hardware products have been far from meeting
consumers' demand for built-in content in the mobile terminal. Since 2009,
Hanvon has been committed to the exploration, development and progress of the
digital publishing industry. Within just two years, Hanvon won the
state-level network download platform qualification.

In 2010, Hanvon and Japanese content provider CREEK & RIVER Co.,
Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as C&R) formally signed a strategic cooperation
agreement. On March 14, 2011, Hanvon and C&R will jointly hold "China e-Book
and Digital Content Development Forum" in Tokyo, Japan. By then, the
participants of the forum will include well-known Japanese critic Mr. Katou
, renowned media consultant Kira Toshihiko and professionals and
media who are quite concerned about the development of mobile terminals and
digital publishing. The forum will focus on the future development direction
of digital publishing and carry out in-depth analysis and discussion on
mobile terminal devices that integrate the hardware and software of Havon and

As the proportion of digital publishing in the publishing
industry is gradually increasing, the supply capacity of digital publishing
content will also constantly grow, and digital publishing content will
inevitably promote the capacity expansion of the publishing industry.
According to related data of CES 2011, the digital publishing market is no
longer dominated only by pure hardware manufacturers and e-book readers. It
will gradually be equally occupied by both content suppliers and e-book
reader manufacturers. With the changes of the market and the rapid
development of mobile Internet and the fast growth of people's demand for
high-tech electronic products, digital publishing will be bound to simplify
the content resources of the traditional publishing industry. At the same
time, more and more hardware vendors will integrate the full-media technology
and the hardware technology to develop various terminal products to meet the
diversified and personalized needs of the market and will gradually transform
from hardware providers to Internet-based integrated high-tech enterprises.

About Hanvon

Hanvon Technology Co. Ltd., founded in 1998, is a world leading
company in intelligent pattern recognition technology and a professional
provider in the design and development of Handwriting Recognition, OCR
(Optical Character Recognition) and Biometric Recognition related products,
such as E-book reader, Graphics Tablets & Displays, ERT and Biometric
Solution (Face ID). Hanvon's professional and highly skilled team members are
committed to providing efficient pattern recognition solutions and delivering
quality services to clients. For more information, please visit


CREEK & RIVER Co., Ltd. was established in 1990. It is Japan's
largest animation content provider. Based on this, it attracts global
animation creators to provide valuable products to more customers. The
company now cooperates with 49,000 Japanese artists and painters and 12,000
overseas painters and 1,300 content production companies that are distributed
around the world. It provides content and services not only to mobile phones,
newspaper and books but also to video websites, mobile terminals and other
new media. Its cooperation with Hanvon is to make use of Hanvon e-Bookstore
(www.hwebook.cn) to convey to the Chinese market a large number of
animation products, including well-known traditional animation products and
the latest animation masterpieces that are now very popular worldwide.

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