Finesse Launches MathLogic, SmartDose, and BlackBox Modules for Advanced Control With TruBio DV 4.0 Bioprocess Software

By Finesse Solutions Llc, PRNE
Monday, March 21, 2011

SANTA CLARA, California, March 22, 2011 - Finesse Solutions, LLC, a manufacturer of measurement and control
solutions for life science process applications, has announced the official
launch of three new core modules for advanced control in its fourth
generation TruBio DV software. These modules are targeted at giving
bioprocessing specialists the ability to utilize process data to create novel
control strategies, facilitate sophisticated mathematical computation and
logic based decision, and seamlessly utilize their own DeltaV control
modules. Since its first launch in 2007, TruBio DV continues to be powered by
a DeltaV Controller from Emerson Process Management, and is fully compatible
with DeltaV versions 9.3 through 11.3.

"To date, TruBio DV software has integrated analog and OPC-based
communication with a significant number of in-line and off-line sensors,
thereby providing users with significant amounts of information about their
process. Our new advanced control modules will allow users to actually use
this information effectively for process characterization and optimization,"
stated Dr. Mark Selker, CTO at Finesse. He added, "TruBio DV 4.0 not only has
significantly enhanced features for traditional sensor calibration, on-line
DeltaV parameter access, and conditional alarming, but with the addition of
these modules enables unique capability for both cell culture and
fermentation applications."

MathLogic provides an enhanced process parameter calculator as well as
comparison and nested logic statement ability for rapidly optimizing process
control campaigns. SmartDose is a new feature for liquid control that
simplifies programming typical pump dosing algorithms such as bolus, ramp,
and continuous feed, with or without feedback from weigh scales. BlackBox
Control unlocks TruBio for DeltaV automation experts by allowing them to
program their own control modules for key process parameters such as pH,
dissolved oxygen, and temperature, and then easily connect these custom
modules to TruBio through a "parameter hook."

"As we continue to increase the diversity of off-line instrumentation
whose data we can easily mine, we expect to be able to build even more
sophisticated process control strategies. This is similar to our SmartDose
software, where we expect a whole range of processing modules to be
introduced this year," summarized Dr. Selker.

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