Headstart Advisers' Fund of Funds Advances to the Top

By Headstart Advisers Ltd, PRNE
Thursday, December 16, 2010

CIO Najy Nasser Says Every Position is in Positive Territory to Date for 2010

LONDON, December 17, 2010 - The investable Headstart Fund of Funds, advised by Headstart Advisers,
the FSA regulated hedge fund firm, has claimed its place at the top of the
leader board of the Investhedge rankings for Multi-Strategy Funds of Hedge
Funds over the last three, six and twelve months with a year to date with a
return of 13.94% to the end of November 2010. Headstart's performance this
year compares favourably with fund of funds indices such as the HFRI Fund of
Funds Composite Index (+3.43% year to date), the Barclay Fund of Funds Index
(2.85%) and the EurekaHedge Fund of Funds Index (2.6%).

The fund has been advised by Headstart Advisers' chief investment
officer, Najy Nasser, since it began in November 1999. Its 11 year track
record has an annualised return of 6.82% with a volatility of 8.01%%. This
compares very favourably to the annualised return and volatility for the S&P
500 of -1.28% and 16.29% respectively. An investment at the inception of the
fund would have approximately doubled by now while in contrast the S&P 500
index is down -13.18% in the same 11 year time period. Since January 2009 the
investable Headstart Fund of Funds has had an annualised rate of return of
16.62% with a volatility of 6.68%.

Headstart Fund of Funds has performed well during market downturns
actively managing the risk and volatility of being invested in markets. When
the MSCI World Index suffers a monthly fall, the average decline is -4.09%;
the Headstart Fund of Funds average performance during these months is just
nearly one tenth of that at -0.47%.

In response to these latest figures, Najy Nasser, CIO of Headstart
Advisers said: "Our fund has performed consistently during 2009 and
throughout 2010 after what was a difficult 2008 for nearly everyone in our

"We are particularly pleased with our outperformance against the indices
we are most usually compared. In what has been a difficult year for hedge
funds with a wide disparity of returns, all of our underlying positions are
positive for the year to date which is a strong testament to the quality of
the funds within the portfolio."

Notes to editors about Headstart Advisers

Headstart Advisers Ltd is a financial services company incorporated in
1990, authorised and regulated by the FSA as an investment adviser to the
Headstart family of hedge funds. It adviseshedge funds and a fund of hedge
funds with the common mandate of superior returns with lower volatility

The directors of Headstart Advisers Ltd are Najy Nasser and Henry
. The firm has its office in Chelsea Harbour, London.

PR advisers to Headstart Advisers

Adrian Flook M:Communications +44(0)20-7920-2388

Headstart Advisers

Najy Nasser Chief Investment Officer +44(0)20-7376-5437

PR advisers to Headstart Advisers: Adrian Flook M:Communications +44(0)20-7920-2388, Headstart Advisers, Najy Nasser Chief Investment Officer +44(0)20-7376-5437

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