The Anatomy of Online Shopping Dissected: New EU Agency White Paper

By Enisa - European Network And Information Security Agency, PRNE
Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BRUSSELS and HERAKLION, Greece, December 17, 2010 - The EU's 'cyber security' Agency ENISA, (the European Network
and Information Security Agency) has issued a white paper today on Safe
Online Shopping. The paper analyses the anatomy of 'Online Shopping', and
warns on the risks and threats. It provides different countermeasures and
guidelines to consumers in the form of 5 'golden rules' on how to shop safely
online. The paper also provides a comprehensive checklist for the online
seller on how to operate secure online business. As many citizens lack trust
in online purchases, this report increases awareness of the real risks and
how to tackle them.

Nearly 40% of EU citizens shopped on-line in 2009, according
to EUROSTAT's Internet in 2009 survey. The paper concludes that online
shopping will continue to be an increasing global trend. Yet, the biggest
barrier is the fear of potential fraud or identity theft. This fear still
keeps millions of consumers from buying goods or services online. This survey
shows that ca 1/3 of those not having used the Internet for e-commerce had
concerns about payment security. Another 30 % had privacy and trust concerns.
As 'Trust and security' is one of the six major themes of the Digital Agenda
for Europe (, this
fear underlines the last barrier for a bigger online economy.

The paper gives a comprehensive overview of the definition,
history, the main drivers and trends in online shopping. It also looks into
e.g. banks payment services, the underlying Internet Infrastructure Services
and online/fee fraud.

    The 5 'golden rules' for consumers cover the following points:

    1. Tips on avoiding fraudulent sites
    2. How to protect your data when shopping online
    3. Tips for safe transactions when paying online
    4. Overview of legislation that protects online customers
    5. How to deal with completion of the sale issues

The paper concludes that online shopping offers great benefits
for the consumers to enjoy. Sellers also reach customers that they would
otherwise never reach. Online shopping can also provide organisational
benefits such as improved processes, better brand recognition, reduced costs
and improved productivity. However, the Internet also brings new risks, as
criminals will make use of the new possibilities to steal, defraud and commit
online crimes.

The Executive Director, Prof. Udo Helmbrecht comments; "This
comprehensive white paper on online shopping and its 5 'golden rules' is a
milestone for increasing trust in the digital economy, and making it prosper
even more."

The full report and all countermeasures:

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