Hotter Shoes Survey Reveals Christmas Day Shoe Preferences for Women

By Hotter Comfort Concept Shoes, PRNE
Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SKELMERSDALE, England, December 22, 2010 - Hotter Shoes has revealed that men who love their lady dressed to impress
will have to go cold turkey this Christmas Day because most women are
destined to spoil their cracking Christmas Day outfit by wearing it with
comfy slippers, according to a new survey.

Peeling sprouts in heels is out for 2010 - with 88% of women refusing to
get through December 25 without the comfort of slippers, furry boots or
trainers according to the survey commissioned by comfy shoe specialist
( Hotter Shoes, looking at the festive footwear
habits of 2,000 women.

Only 12% of women are prepared to wear uncomfortable heels on Christmas
while 31% are opting for comfort by planning to wear slippers with four
per cent wearing trainers. Mums and daughters alike will spend the big day in
comfort, opting for furry boots (
(14%) whilst three per cent even admitted to wearing comical Christmas
slippers if they knew they would guarantee blissful foot comfort.

Lisa McCarten of Hotter Shoes said: "We're delighted that comfort is
clearly making a comeback for Christmas, but it's our mission to make sure
that women realise that comfort can equal style when it comes to footwear
choices; they certainly don't have to resort to comical slippers.

"Every year we make 1.3 million people more comfortable and we are
encouraging women throughout the UK to make it their new year's resolution to
embrace shoes that offer comfort and style (, so they
can say goodbye to the burden of uncomfortable footwear that rubs and hurts.

"Like all the very best Yuletide combinations - turkey and stuffing,
mince pies and brandy butter - style and comfort are two footwear essentials
that Hotter Shoes ensures that no woman has to do without this Christmas."

The findings stand in stark contrast to women's choices of what to wear
for the other 364 days in the year. Although women choose a comfortable shoe
on Christmas day, most women admitted buying a pair of heels which looked
good despite knowing they would never fit into them.

Notes to Editors:

The Hotter Shoes survey was conducted by OnePoll, a leading market
research tool which conducts online surveys. OnePoll undertakes a wide range
of market research projects, working on behalf of companies from various
sectors within the UK and around the world.

About Hotter Comfort Concept:

Hotter Comfort Concept, which was established in 1959, manufactures 1.3
million pairs of men's and women's comfy shoes, including wide fitting shoes,
boots, comfy slippers (,
party shoes and sandals for women and comfortable mens shoes each year -
making it the UK's largest shoe manufacturer. Based in Lancashire, this UK
firm sells its shoes via direct mail, its on-site 100 seater call centre, ten
high street stores and 200 independent retailers. For the last two years
Hotter Comfort Concept has been named as one of the top 100 private
investment backed companies in the UK by The Sunday Times.

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