IV Russian-Indian Forum on Trade and Investments

By St Petersburg Economic Forum, PRNE
Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia, December 22, 2010 - The IV Russian-Indian Forum on Trade and Investments was held on December
20, 2010

Particular attention was paid to developing partnership in
information and communication technology, pharmaceuticals and life sciences,
energy and energy resources, chemical products and fertilizers. A roundtable
meeting was held on cooperation in industrial manufacturing, covering a broad
range of issues from metal processing to aircraft building.

Over 400 delegates from Russia and India took part in the event.

The Forum was organized by the Ministry for Economic
Development of the Russian Federation with support from the St. Petersburg
International Economic Forum Foundation and the Ministry of Trade and
Industry of India with support from the Confederation of Indian Industry

The following agreements and memorandums on cooperation
between Russian and Indian companies were signed during the Forum:

    - Memorandum of Intent between Pharmasyntez JSC and Naprod Life Sciences
      Pvt. Ltd. on joint production of oncological medicines in the Russian
      Federation and/or raw materials procurement.

    - Agreement on scientific and technical cooperation between Akrikhin
      Pharmaceuticals Co. and MJ Biopharm.

    - Memorandum between Sitronics JSC and Shyam Telecom on joint promotion
      of their production in various markets.

    - Agreement on cooperation between the Federal Network Operator
      "Navigation Information Systems" JSC and Glonis Solutions Private Ltd.

    - Agreement of collaboration between Dr. Reddy's Laboratories and R-Pharm
      on licensing, technology transfer, manufacturing and marketing of bio
      technology products.

    - Memorandum of understanding between Pereslavskiy Technopark and Swastik
      Polimers on Joint production of Master Batches for polymers.

    - Memorandum of understanding between JSC Navigation-Information Systems
      and Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Limited on
      Integration for various project in Indai .

    - Agreemant on scientific co-operation between Pereslavskiy Technopark
      and Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (for details,
      see www.restec-international.ru/projects/india/).

The parties agreed to continue their business dialogue at the St.
Petersburg International Economic Forum on 16-18 June 2011 (for details, see

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