Shawn Rae Enhances 'Dialogue' Between Christian Pope and Muslim King, One Song at a Time

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Message of Peace through 1st Muslim Christmas Album in respect of Christianity gets Grammy Consideration

MIAMI, December 22, 2010 - Shawn Rae's unique Christmas Album, A World Christmas, Love Knows No
Borders, was considered for a Grammy nomination earlier this year. The Album
was inspired by the "Dialogue" in 2007 between King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
and Pope Benedict XVI, one, which was endorsed by more than 460 organizations
from around the world, including the Chief Rabbis of Israel, and the United
Nations. This "Dialogue" promoted a wide discussion on the urgency for
religious and cultural discourse among not only Christians, Muslims, Jews but
all religions.

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Marco Politi, the Vatican correspondent, said, "I think it is
extraordinarily vital that … the Vatican and an important Islamic state
discussed "cooperation." An article in the Vatican newspaper noted, "A
dialogue is not a choice but a necessity."

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, the first Muslim King to ever visit the
Vatican in 1400 years, referred to his conversation with the Pope as
"groundbreaking." He stated that, "If God wills it, we will meet with our
brothers from other religions … to come up with ways to safeguard

This Christmas Album, the first from the Muslim world in respect of
Christianity, was an effort by the Muslim world to help bridge gaps through
the medium of music between the three Abrahamic faiths.

Without such a "Dialogue," the Album might seem to be an unlikely
overture. Instead a cross-cultural team of musicians, writers, technicians,
vocalists — and celebrated music arranger Charles Calello — gathered
together to create it.

Shawn Rae's desire to create a musical treasure for listeners of any
faith has proved to be a great success. According to a music review of the
Christmas album, "Shawn Rae's engaging baritone conjures the
sunny-snowy-starry moods of Yule settings everywhere: cherishing the love
between families and friends, enhancing romance, heady dreams, longing,
anticipation, joy and hope. Calello's genius shines through in artfully
blending together lush strings, whimsical flutes, bold horns, playful bells
and tinkling chimes, swinging ballads and nostalgic rhythms.

"My Grown-Up Christmas List reflects Shawn Rae's hope for the world: 'No
more lives torn apart … wars that never start … right would always win
… and love would never end.' He sings light-hearted Feliz Navidad in
English and Spanish, as background voices echo the merry message in Hebrew,
Arabic, French, Greek, Iraqi, Urdu, Italian, Chinese and several others.

"Listen to A World Christmas, and you just might hear and feel the love
that bonds us all."

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