I Wish it Could be Christmas Every Day…

By Hallmark Cards Uk, PRNE
Thursday, October 21, 2010

LEEDS, England, October 22, 2010 - Christmas comes but once a year…or so you'd think. Here at Hallmark
it's Christmas every day! Since January we've been like Santa's busy little
elves working on wonderful Christmas cards (
www.hallmark.co.uk/personalised-cards/christmas-cards/), and now it's
almost time for the real thing we're really getting in the Christmas mood!
Working with Christmas every day doesn't mean we don't still get excited for
December 25th. It'll be here before we know it and we already can't wait!

Our very talented artists, illustrators and designers have been full of
the Christmas spirit all year and have been creating images of snowmen,
robins and Santa for our fantastic Christmas cards. From snowy landscapes to
cute bears in santa hats, and from nativity scenes to festive funnies,
there's something for everyone.

And our very clever writers have been inspired by Christmas carols,
stories and songs while they produce the wonderful words and verses which
will be placed inside each card. Be it long, short, verse or prose, from a
simple Christmas wish to a sincere and heartfelt message, Hallmark's
Christmas cards have got it all.

At hallmark.co.uk (www.hallmark.co.uk/) we have a huge selection
of personalised Christmas Cards (
www.hallmark.co.uk/personalised-cards/christmas-cards/). Each card
gives you the opportunity to be really creative and make a truly unique and
unforgettable card. You can create a very memorable personalised Christmas
card (www.hallmark.co.uk/personalised-cards/christmas-cards/) by
uploading photos, adding names and changing the words. It'll be sure to make
it onto the mantelpiece! We especially love our funny face upload cards
where you can add someone's face onto the body of a reindeer, a Christmas
fairy or even a penguin! And not forgetting the Christmas Angel cards as
seen on TV…how many angels have you got?

Some people like to use their Christmas Greetings as a great way to keep
in touch and update everyone about their family news from the year. You could
add a family newsletter (
to the inside of a Christmas card, order lots of copies and send one
to everyone! It's cheaper that way too, as the more you buy, the more you
save with our Multi Buy Christmas Card (
www.hallmark.co.uk/personalised-cards/christmas-card-packs/) service
and you only need to order the exact amount that you need - so no leftovers!

So this year, once the leftover turkey's been guzzled, the crackers have
been pulled and the mulled wine's been glugged, spare a thought for the
Hallmark elves who'll be busy once again in the Christmas card workshop,
beavering away on cards for Christmas 2011!

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    Contact Details: Will Ockenden or Chris Norton at Lucre;
    T: +44(0)113-243-1117; will@lucre.co.uk

Contact Details: Will Ockenden or Chris Norton at Lucre; T: +44(0)113-243-1117; will at lucre.co.uk

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