redspottedhanky Joins With Railway Children to Help UK Street Children

By Redspottedhanky, PRNE
Thursday, October 21, 2010

LONDON, October 22, 2010 - redspottedhanky, in conjunction with the Railway Children charity, is
trying to get train travellers across the UK to help generate up to a
staggering GBP30,000 a day to help young runaways and street children simply
by booking their train travel online.

Railway Children, a charity for the welfare of young runaways, is calling
for commuters to change the lives of British street children by donating
loyalty points which they can earn by booking their train tickets on

Each day 3 million people in the UK travel by train. If each of these
passengers donated one loyalty point, earned by booking on redspottedhanky,
an extra GBP30,000 a day could be spent on improving the lives of vulnerable
runaway and street children in the UK

"Budgets are tight for everyone, but this is a simple way for us to help
protect children from violence, drugs, sexual exploitation and sleeping rough
on the streets. It won't add to the cost of your ticket and you are making an
unimaginable difference to the lives of vulnerable children," said Terina
, chief executive of Railway Children.

"We understand that many travellers are tightening their purse strings,
but donating through loyalty points offers us the chance to help those in
need without breaking the family budget," said Ursula Morgenstern at

"An amount as small as GBP10 can feed, clothe, wash and house a street
child for the night. GBP50 could do something much more significant, and
reunite a runaway child with their family," Ursula commented.

Train travellers can log on to redspottedhanky to find the best rail fare
for their journey and then choose the amount of points they want to donate.

For every GBP1 spent on redspottedhanky the user receives 1 loyalty
point, which has a monetary value of 1p. If the user chooses to donate, every
penny which they earn will go towards Railway Children's efforts to provide
vital help for homeless and runaway children. The points earned from a return
ticket from London to Edinburgh could provide a meal for a homeless child in
India and regular donations can help support a Railway Children regional
day/night shelter in the UK.

"Our aim is to help get to these street kids before the streets get to
them. Donating your redspottedhanky loyalty points will help us do this,"
said Terina Keene.

* Children's Society; 'Still Running' 2005

About redspottedhanky:

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redspottedhanky is the first ever British online retailer to offer
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against future train travel for any journey in Great Britain.

About Railway Children

Railway Children provides relief to children and young people who are in
conditions of need, hardship or distress and in particular to those living on
the streets. Since its inception in 1995, Railway Children has helped many
thousands of children and young people by working with over 26 partner
organisations on 117 projects across the world, and last year alone it helped
27,756 street children.

For more information on the relationship between redspottedhanky and
Railway Children please contact:

    Caroline Crouch
    Atos Origin
    4 Triton Square
    Regents Place
    NW1 3HG

Caroline Crouch, Atos Origin, 4 Triton Square, Regents Place, London, NW1 3HG, +44(0)20-7830-4233

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