PublicisLive Serving as Event Organizer for 13th Summit for the French-Speaking World: 22-24 October

By Publicislive, PRNE
Thursday, October 21, 2010

GENEVA and MONTREAL, October 22, 2010 - Geneva-based PublicisLive is the company behind the organization and
production of the 13th Annual Summit for the French-speaking world
(,34426.html) -
one of the most complex and important international meetings ever held in
Switzerland-it was announced today.

In 10 months, PublicisLive has succeeded in organizing an event involving
more than 6,000 people, a process which usually requires two years of
preparation. Every two years, the "Francophonie" Summit brings together heads
of state and political leaders from the 56 countries and 14 observer nations
of the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF). The 2010 event,
which marks the summit's 40th anniversary, gives this edition a special
importance. The theme of the 2010 summit is "Challenges and Visions of the
Future for the French Speaking World."

PublicisLive worked in an advisory capacity with the Swiss Foreign
Ministry, the summit host, and managed every aspect of event coordination.
PublicisLive's responsibilities included:

    - Management of the convention center and schedules

    - Management of the reservation system and managing accommodation for the
      participants, press and employees

    - Design of the online accreditation system and operation management

    - Preparation and serving of food for the participants, press and staff

    - Technical and logistical set-up of convention center (audiovisual
      production, development of public spaces, conference rooms, press
      center, offices and IT, telecommunications)

    - Management of transportation system for participants

    - Creation and management of summit website

    - Recruitment and management of external employees

    - Design and production of communication materials

"During the last 10 months, we witnessed the savoir-faire and
professionalism of PublicisLive's unique expertise. As a result, as we open
the event, we are assured that this meeting will be a success," said
Ambassador Jean-François Paroz, commissioner of the 13th Francophonie Summit.

"It is an enormous vote of confidence to have been chosen by the Swiss
Foreign Ministry to organize the Francophone Summit," said Anthony Gazagne,
managing director of PublicisLive. "We wish to thank the Swiss Foreign
Ministry for choosing us to help with this most important, global event. We
congratulate the ministry on this important undertaking and wish them the
best of luck as the summit unfolds."

More information on,34426.html

A Look at the Numbers : PublicisLive's Mission in Figures

Human resources- 751 people 386 staff; 180 volunteers; 165 hosts

Catering 15,000 staff meals; 3,800 participant meals; 4,500 press meals;
1,450 official lunches and dinners; 25,000 coffee breaks

Accommodation- 9,961 room nights, 2,800 staff nights-7,161 participant

Total number of badges : 6, 351; Number of delegate badges : 1602; number
of media badges : 576; Number of Swiss organizer employee badges : 2564;
number OIF organizer badges, 29; number of police, fire department and health
badges: 1,053

Production: 50 small trailers 100m3 to carry 500 tons of technical
equipment, decorations and accommodations

IT 220 computers ; 80 printers/photocopiers ; 20 fax machines ; 300
mobile phones ; 80 radios ; 160 telephones ; 27, 000 meters of computer

About PublicisLive

PublicisLive specializes in organizing and producing some of
the world's most prestigious conferences and corporate events for business,
public and governmental institutions, foundations, and non-governmental
organisations. Among the events it stages each year are the famous Annual
Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the Petra
Conference of Nobel Laureates, the Abu Dhabi Media Summit and the Monaco
Media Forum. PublicisLive is part of Publicis Groupe, the world's
third-largest communications group. For more information, please visit:

Media Contact: Sally O'Dowd, Sally.odowd at, +33-7-86-11-24-24; Frédéric Jacquemoud, frederic.jacquemoud at, +41-79-826-48-18

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