ICIS and MRC to Jointly Produce Polyethylene and Polyvinyl Chloride Reports for the Former Soviet Union (FSU) and Global Markets

By Icis, PRNE
Sunday, January 23, 2011

LONDON, January 24, 2011 - Global chemicals information giant ICIS is extending its presence in the
FSU's plastics market through a joint venture with specialist Russia-based
benchmark price provider Market Report Company. ICIS and MRC have announced
their intention to jointly produce pricing reports for polyethylene and
polyvinyl chloride for the FSU and global markets.

The polyethylene report will contain domestic prices and import offers
for the following grades: HDPE; injection; film; blow moulding; pipe 80 &
100; shrinkable; hexane; and butene. Quotes cover Russia, Ukraine, Belarus,
Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

The PVC report will deliver domestic prices and import offers
(PVC-Suspension and PVC-Emulsion) for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan
and Kazakhstan.

Both reports give detailed commentary and a price history for each
domestic market, international price commentary on Europe and Asia markets,
and related news in FSU countries and international markets.

Russian and English versions of the reports will be available, with
domestic and import price assessments by locally based expert editors in
touch with all key players in the market.

"Using the trusted methodology ICIS is renowned for, these new reports
offer a unique opportunity to benefit from the international expertise,
prices and commentary provided by ICIS editors, together with local and
international news coverage of markets," said Christopher Flook, Managing
Director of ICIS, a part of Reed Business Information.

"We are very pleased to be working with ICIS, the global leader in the
market information field," said Sergey Yaremenko, CEO of MRC. "MRC's
specialist expertise in these markets is a natural fit with ICIS' breadth and
depth of coverage."

Request a sample copy of the report from ICIS at
tinyurl.com/FSUReports or by emailing sales.uk@icis.com

For more information about the reports, please contact Christine Wong:
+44(0)20-8652-3186 or christine.wong@icis.com

About ICIS

ICIS is well established as a key global provider of benchmark price and
news intelligence for the chemical, oil and energy industries, assisting
companies in global commodity markets to improve their revenues and profits
by providing high quality, timely, commercially useful information, business
leads and brand positioning across the world.

ICIS' global team of more than 200 people based in London, Houston,
Singapore, New York, Washington, San Francisco, Shanghai, Moscow and Mumbai
strives to deliver definitive global chemical intelligence.

About Reed Business Information Ltd

Reed Business Information serves industry professionals with data
services and marketing solutions, produces industry specific data and lead
generation tools, provides over 200 online community and job sites and
publishes over 200 premier business magazines. Reed Business Information is
part of Reed Elsevier, a world leading provider of professional information
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About MRC

Based in the Russia, Market Report Company Group (MRC) supplies chemical
market pricing and insight for the polymers (polyethylene, polypropylene,
polystyrene, PVC and PET), pigments, fillers, film, plastic packaging and
automotive markets. Privately owned since 2003, MRC reports on the FSU
markets and supplies information to the major players in the market.

For further information on MRC please contact:

    Fedor Ruzhynskiy,

    +44(0)208-144-22-25 (ext.123)
    +7-495-543-91-94 (ext.123)
    +38-044-599-29-50 (ext.123)


For further information on MRC please contact: Fedor Ruzhynskiy, +44(0)208-144-22-25 (ext.123), +7-495-543-91-94 (ext.123), +38-044-599-29-50 (ext.123)

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