ICMI Unveils the Customer Management Operation Standards Program, Provides a Results-Driven Framework for Advancing a Contact Center's Overall Performance

By International Customer Management Institute icmiubm Live, PRNE
Wednesday, June 23, 2010

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, June 24, 2010 - Today at the ACCE Conference & Expo, the annual global gathering for the
contact center community, the International Customer Management Institute
(ICMI) unveiled the Customer Management Operation Standards (CMOS) Program, a
comprehensive management approach that employs a mix of specialized tools,
cross-industry best practices, assessments, and proven systems that deliver
sustained contact center efficiency and effectiveness. The Program provides a
results-driven framework for advancing a contact center's overall

The CMOS program represents the global landmark requirement for
exceptional customer experiences, service quality and operational efficiency,
with a focus on meeting core business objectives, including: improving the
financial performance of the contact center; building and maintaining
customer loyalty and lifetime customer value; standardizing processes and
best practice collaboration; increasing employee engagement and satisfaction;
and improving business intelligence and analytics.

The program is comprised of a four-step process:

    -- Phase I: ICMI CMOS Assessment: A comprehensive qualitative and
       quantitative analysis and improvements roadmap
    -- Phase II: ICMI CMOS Improvements: Offers prescriptive, expert guidance
       toward realizing industry-leading customer management effectiveness
    -- Phase III: ICMI CMOS Audit: Delivers the final tune-up on the path to
       ICMI Certification
    -- Phase IV: ICMI CMOS Certification: Represents the mark of customer
       management excellence

Organizations are guided through each phase of the process by a team of
ICMI experts. The program provides comprehensive resources designed for all
levels of personnel and are customized for each business industry and
adoption level. For any organization that does not meet the requirements, or
that needs additional assistance with implementing the recommended solutions,
additional support from ICMI is available.

ICMI's CMOS Committee consists of providers and operators in the contact
center industry. Members are selected to join the committee based on their
credentials and experience in order to establish and revise the standards.
Committee members are committed to customer service and contact center
management, improving the operating performance and cooperate in the
frontline of the industry development.

"At ICMI, we recognize the need for a global, standardized approach to
customer service excellence. Through our knowledge base, experience and
position in the contact center industry, we are pleased to offer the CMOS
program to vendors and providers. Our low cost, time efficient program
delivers both near- and long-term results for customer's contact centers,"
said Macklin Martin, Executive Director, ICMI. "One company who implemented
contact center standards and framework benefited from such signifi­cant cost
savings they were able to reinvest 35 percent of their expenditures into
other areas of the business. We look forward to working closely with our
clients on this program to help them to advance their contact center's
performance, as well as their expenditures."

For additional information on the CMOS Program, visit icmi.com/cmos or
contact an ICMI account manager at icmi@icmi.com or +1-800-672-6177.

About ICMI

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