Ideasbynet Reveals Economic Downturn Fuelling Change in Marketing Strategies for Businesses

By Ideasbynet, PRNE
Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SHEFFIELD, England, January 26, 2011 - Ideasbynet has noted an important change in marketing strategies during
the current economic downturn. While promotional gifts remain a simple and
effective marketing method, companies are now choosing products which have a
practical use, rather than mere novelty value.

In 2010, Ideasbynet saw a steady drop in sales of promotional logobugs,
fridge magnets and stress toys, and large increases in the likes of cotton
shopping bags, ice scrapers and pocket diaries.

2010 also saw a threefold increase in tax disc holders, as well as large
increases in sales of both branded pens ( and ceramic,
branded mugs (

Since the beginning of the credit crunch, Ideasbynet has seen products
such as the trolley coin keyring take over from their plastic 'promo'
counterparts, selling in excess of 100,000 units in both 2009 and 2010.

Companies continue to seek value for money in their promotional products
and gifts ( However, their approach is now to
focus on products which may have a higher unit cost but are less disposable
and may be used daily by members of their target audience.

Lucy Evans, Account Director at Ideasbynet said: "Our customers are
realising that practical products allow them to promote their brand more
widely. For example, a cotton shopping bag displays a company logo not only
to its owner but also to the general public."

As Ideasbynet previously revealed that the average coffee mug is used
more than 2000 times, offering over 2000 promotional opportunities, this is
sure to be a cost-effective and successful trend.

About Ideasbynet:

Ideasbynet is part of a marketing services group formed in 1985 that has
evolved to become the market leaders and one of the most trusted names for
promotional products ideas including premium corporate gifts ( , promotional
pens, promotional clothing, promotional eco gifts and other branded
promotional products. was the first UK company to make business gifts and
promotional products instantly more accessible over the internet. With
Ideasbynet, one hour quotations, product availability, free virtual samples
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Strenuous efforts are made to ensure all products promoted on the website
are manufactured in an ethical and fair way. Wherever possible, it is
Ideasbynet's policy to favour promotional products manufactured using
environmentally responsible techniques and utilising recyclable materials.

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