International Pop Icon KUBA Ka Releases His Multi-Media Project 'STREETS OF FREEDOM'

By Kuba Entertainment Llc, PRNE
Sunday, March 13, 2011

Topical Project Dedicated To Human Rights Around The World As KUBA Continues His Positive Message As A Warrior

LOS ANGELES, March 14, 2011 - KUBA Ka is a young, ambitious and talented entertainer now ready to
launch his new single and music video "STREETS OF FREEDOM", which is set to
thrill fans worldwide with upbeat dance rhythms as well as a strong
message–asking for peace and freedom in the streets.


KUBA Ka (formerly known as Kuba Stepniak) is the first artist to work
under manager Frank Dileo whose last project was This Is It with the late
Michael Jackson. Dileo saw the energy and commitment of this talented
Polish-born superstar and worked with him to create this electrifying

The track "STREETS OF FREEDOM" has had a number of influential people
linked to it. The single was recorded at the historic Capitol Records Studios
in Hollywood. Aurelio "Junior" Ocampo of Red Sky Productions directed the
video, Jeff Selis (Eminem and 50 Cent) from Bonch helped artistically direct
and edit while Aileen Watanabe and Michael Munoz of mo-fuki productions acted
as executive producers. The song was written by KUBA Ka, Tearce "Kizzo" Keaz,
and Francci Richard.

KUBA Ka's fame started when he was only a child in his homeland Poland,
where he is considered a pop culture icon and humanitarian. Even as a
precocious 10-year-old, KUBA became a famous animal rights activist in his
native Poland. This powerful obsession continued through his teenage years
when KUBA hosted a UNICEF benefit with human rights activist and legend
Vanessa Redgrave.

Trying to send a universal message for all cultures in all nations, KUBA
wants the world to be a better safer place. Even though his video concept
preceded recent history, "STREETS OF FREEDOM" is right on point with the
current turmoil in the Middle East.

Someone very special to KUBA is the late Diana Princess of Wales. "She
truly inspires me. Diana gave me the courage to get up and have the
confidence to get my message through. Diana is the Universal Queen of
Hearts," says KUBA. "My new song, 'STREETS OF FREEDOM' is in memory of her."

KUBA's life has been filled with many unique experiences from visiting
the Presidential Palace with the First Lady of Poland, organizing the UNICEF
events alongside Vanessa Redgrave and of course being the next artist to be
represented by Dileo.



The single is available on iTunes. Please check out KUBA Ka's new website
( for up-to-date news items and event listings.

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