International Sports Security Conference in Doha is Unique - Qatar is the First Country to Initiate International Sports Security Dialogue

By Qiass, PRNE
Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Key Conclusions of the 1st International Sport Security Conference, Doha 9-10th March 2011

DOHA, Qatar, March 10, 2011 - The Qatar Minister of State for Internal Affairs opened the 1st
International Sports Security Conference in Doha (Qatar) that has taken place
on March 9th and 10th, by welcoming 150 VIPs in the worlds of sports and
security to Qatar. The Minister highlighted the importance of gathering in
this conference for the first time key decision makers and experts in sports
and security to share their expertise over the World in Doha. The Minister
remarked the key importance of security with a very clear statement: "There
is no sports without security."

The conference was a great success in terms of attendance given the
high-level of responsibility and expertise of the attendees. Participants
hold key positions in International Sports Institutions, law enforcement
agencies, and government / public sector, and private security companies. As
Lord John Stevens, Chair of the Conference, mentioned "the people in this
room together has in aggregation more than 3.500 years of experience. If we
cannot push forward the thinking and reach some conclusions, then who can?"

There was very animated debate during the two days of the conference. The
key takeaways included:

a) The need for cooperation across agencies, sports, and geographies

b) The importance of international institutions and agencies that may act
as a liaison between experts

c) The need for a relentless fight against integrity breaches (e.g.
doping, illegal gambling, match fixing)

d) The need for a flawless communication of the security aspects, both to
international institutions when bidding for events, and to the general public
to secure attendance for the event

e) The need for a more fluent dialogue with the athletes regarding

During the first day of the conference, the creation of the International
Centre of Sports Security (ICSS) was announced to the conference delegates by
Mr. Mohammed Hanzab, President of QIASS. The ICSS will be a non-for-profit
institution in the world of sports and security, whose mission is "To enhance
security and safety in the world of sport, by proactively addressing real
issues, and providing best-in-class training, research, and tailored
consulting in sport security.

As Mohammed Hanzab, President of the International Centre for Sport
Security (ICSS) said: "thank you for sharing your insights and expertise
during the conference. After the conference, we are very encouraged by the
consensus on the need for more cooperation across sports and geographies.
This is the vision we had when we started working on the ICSS, and we are
glad that your thoughts have confirmed our ideas about the need for an
institution like the ICSS." In addition, he stated: "we hope you to come back
to the conference next year and to share with you our own insights. You have
given us light in this process, and it is only fair that you come back in a
year to share the results."

The ICSS also announced yesterday (March 9th) the appointment of Helmut
(former Head of Security for Germany 2006 FIFA World Cup and current
Head of Security for Germany Football Federation) as the new Executive
Director of the ICSS starting September. Mr. Helmut Spahn showed his
enthusiasm for this new professional challenge and promised Mohammed Hanzab
to give his best effort to fulfill the ICSS's vision.

In addition, the ICSS also announced yesterday (March 9th) the creation
of its Advisory Board. The Advisory Board will provide advice the President
of the ICSS on the strategic directions of the Centre. The first members of
the Advisory Board of the ICSS, also announced today, will include:

i. Lord John Stevens (former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police),

ii. Ali Soufan (CEO of The Soufan Group),

iii. Rick Parry (former CEO of Liverpool FC and The FA Premier League),

iv. Peter Ryan (Head of security for Sydney 200 Olympic Games), and

v. Eric Drossart

Finally, the ICSS announced cooperation with the FIFA Women's World Cup
2011 in Germany .

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The organizer of the conference, Qatar International Academy
for Security Studies (QIASS) is a professional institute
serving to raise security standards, knowledge and cooperation within the
Gulf region and across the world. Clients are prepared for the complex
challenges of today's world through exceptional training and innovative
techniques, by facilitating excellence in education and research and by
forging lasting security partnerships across nations and cultures.


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