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By International Underwater Storage Ltd, PRNE
Tuesday, September 27, 2011

BALCOMBE, England, September 28, 2011 -

NEWS FLASH - from our own correspondent.  ”Anchorages at Faslane, Norfolk VA. and San Diego sealed.  No nuclear submarines able to enter or leave due to the deployment of CHECKMATE.”

Such a headline would be comparable to the famous 1938 Orson Welles broadcast of “Aliens have invaded earth!” from H.G. Wells book, The War of the Worlds.  Except, that Orson Welles was portraying fiction whereas in the above case it could actually be fact!

Checkmate has the ability to detect, identify and interdict the movement of vessels at sea.  In the case of nuclear submarines they could be excluded from their bases whereupon they would become liabilities and it could be catastrophic. Yet the US and British navies have turned their backs on CHECKMATE, but not so the Chinese.

The hypothetical headline would herald the arrival of a new era in Maritime Warfare.  The effect of hidden mobile underwater weapons encased in CHECKMATE and programmed to attack pre-selected targets say in the approaches to Portsmouth, the Firth of Forth, Brest, San Diego, Norfolk Virginia, the Straits of Hormuz, Singapore, Mumbai, Vladivostok and Murmansk would be disturbing.

But CHECKMATE has other capabilities.  For example if deployed defensively, in conjunction with existing conventional mines, it can create an impassable barrier.  It will provide a Force “multiplier” out of all proportion to its cost. The book “CHECKMATE - Nemesis for Submarines” sets out the strategy in more detail.

In the pure surveillance mode it has applications in harbour surveillance, tsunami warning systems, smuggling operations of both people and goods and so on.  The list is huge.

A number of admirals are very supportive of Checkmate with testimonials published in full which can be found in the book above.  In particular, Rear Admiral I.B. Rodholm RDN Ret., had a long and distinguished career, qualified as a Gunnery Officer, as a Signals Officer and a Logistics Officer. His penultimate post was DCOS Logistics in the Danish Defence Staff, and his final appointment was Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff, Logistics Infrastructure and Manpower at SHAPE. The following is an extract from his letter and is worth repeating:

“…it is undoubtedly as a weapons system that Checkmate should really be developed not least because it places severe restrictions on SONAR as an aid to mine hunting. The company representative at UDT, Sydney who was promoting Variable Depth Sonar said “well that’s the end of our bloody business” was probably absolutely right.… Checkmate is a system to which there is at present no counter and one which should form part of the armoury of all nations whose only wish is to be left in peace.”  

The Chinese navy in 2010 sent a representative to the UK for discussions and to view the model and subsequently asked for a presentation in China.  The company awaits developments!

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