I.R.S. Rewards Employee-Informant $4.5 Million

By Alan L. Sklover, PRNE
Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Employees Told of 8 Keys to the I.R.S. Informant Program

NEW YORK, May 19, 2011 - Noted employee advocate Alan L. Sklover today reports that the U.S.
Internal Revenue Service has recently issued its first-ever award to an
employee for providing information that led to collection of unpaid taxes,
interest and penalties. And, he provides the 8 Keys to the Reward Program.

Noted author, attorney and blogger, Alan L. Sklover, has just posted an
illuminating article on his blogsite, SkloverWorkingWisdom.com entitled
"I.R.S. Pays Employee $4.5 Million for Reporting Employer Tax Cheating." The
employee who received the award was a Philadelphia accountant for a financial
services firm. In accordance with law, his or her name has been kept secret.
The total amount recovered by the I.R.S. as a result of this Informant was
approximately $20 million.

The I.R.S. program, called the "Informant Award" program, provides for
payment to the informant of 15% to 30% of the amount collected by the I.R.S.,
including all penalties, interest and additional taxes. It is viewed as
encouraging corporate taxpayers, in particular, to pay their legally-required
taxes. It was inspired by the dramatic success of the nation's major
fraud-fighting whistleblower law, called the False Claims Act, which has
recovered more than $25 billion for the government since 1986 - and has paid
more than $2.7 billion to whistleblowers.

"Some people want to raise taxes," noted Sklover, "while other people
want to reduce government spending." "But," Sklover pointed out, "absolutely
everyone wants to collect taxes from tax cheaters . . . except of course the
cheaters, themselves." U.S. Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) commented, this
law "ought to encourage a lot of other people to squeal" about the
tax-cheating ways of their employers.

In his blogsite article, Alan Sklover offers 8 practical keys to
understanding the I.R.S. Informant "Goldmine" Program. His blogsite also
offers a Model Application Form to File an Informant Award application, along
with supplementary materials. Mr. Sklover is experienced in the filing of
successful federal whistleblower claims.

Such insights about "navigating and negotiating," and thriving and
surviving employment in today's workplace - and free videos, sample memos and
letters, and career coaching and counseling - are available at
SkloverWorkingWisdom.com. Insights are invaluable. Subscriptions are free.

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