Just Say It and Exvisu Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement to Help Companies Design Web-related Strategies

By Just Say It, PRNE
Thursday, November 18, 2010

PARIS, November 19, 2010 - Just Say It, the corporate communications agency, and Exvisu,
specialist in the analysis of strategic trends and opinions on the Web, have
signed a strategic partnership agreement to help companies design strategies
which address key Web-related issues and enable truly interactive
communications with their customers.

Just Say It(TM) and Exvisu(TM) have combined their expertise
in order to offer analysis, provide communications consulting services, and
enable a proactive approach to stakeholder interaction based on their
knowledge of the areas of competitive debate. This unique offer meets the
challenges of strategic operations.

With today's development of the Web, managers are seeking ways
to control and enhance their company's brand image, as well as to report
changes in opinion to senior management. The challenge: to anticipate opinion
and discussions-in blogs, social networks, and on the Web-which may help the
company to stand out from the competition, and to find methods for mobilizing

Exvisu provides multilingual, multi-cultural semantic analysis
enabling companies to identify opportunities and risks on both national and
international levels, and thereby to anticipate communications requirements
in order to mobilize offline and online key influencers (the media, experts,
and analysts) as well as stakeholders.

Directly monitoring the Web is not new. But Exvisu's offer is
unique because it captures ideas and opinions expressed on both a national
and international level, using both a local and global approach. Just Say It
has the know-how to leverage this knowledge and determine the best way to
energize the company's stakeholders. The synergies of the partnership make it
possible to provide pertinent recommendations and implement convincing, mixed
online and offline strategies by dynamically measuring feedback.

Just Say It and Exvisu use a joint approach to help companies
set up interactive communications and to fill the gaps in their
communications and brand image management: establish a competitive edge and
analyze the situation by applying both a global and local view of public
opinion and driving factors.

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Press contacts: Just Say It, Isabelle Jahn+33(0)629-999-010, Exvisu, Josiane Versini: +33(0)680-389-181, Josiane.versini at exvisu.net

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