Kinect for Xbox on Stardoll

By Stardoll, PRNE
Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Revolutionary Gaming Device and Leading Virtual World Join Forces to Unveil Kinect to Teen and Tween Audience

LONDON and STOCKHOLM, December 1, 2010 - Stardoll, the world's largest virtual entertainment and social gaming
site for teens interested in fashion, celebrity and entertainment, today
announced a promotion with Kinect for Xbox on Stardoll.

Running over the next two months, Stardoll have developed an evolving,
branded journey that deeply integrates into some of the core user
experiences. The campaign kicks off this week with a virtual wide screen
television streaming Kinect video content directly into all user's personal
suites - a Stardoll UK first. Central to the promotion is a branded Kinect
Club ( page that
regularly updates to showcase the Kinect device and three games (Kinectimals,
Dance Central and Sports). Each release comes with matching Stardoll
activities so members get a feel for the game's content within their own

    - Phase I Kinectimals: targeting the younger audience, the Kinectimals
      Scenery Contest (
      allows members to create their very own version of a key scene from the
      Kinectimals game, which they submit for the community to vote for their

    - Phase II Dance Central: aimed at the older, teenage Stardoll users,
      members will be asked to create, host and attend Kinect Dance Central
      parties with their friends, take photos, share and save the experience
      to their social networks. Dance Central parties will appear in Stardoll
      Parties (

    - Phase III Kinect Sports: reaching the broader youth audience, Sports
      plays out on Stardoll when members are asked to design their own Kinect
      Sports sportswear range. Stardoll Fashion Design (

All activities are bespoke and branded for Kinect device and each game,
along with virtual gifts, contests and video content.

"Kinect for Xbox has its finger on the pulse of teen gaming. Stardoll
research shows that Kinect is the must have gaming device among our
community," said Stephen Molloy, Commercial Director at Stardoll Network.
"This relationship allows Stardoll to bring in-world the games and activities
our user base are already excited and talking about to merge their real lives
with virtual ones."

More about Stardoll

The Stardoll Network is the world's leading group of websites
devoted to young women and teens. Launched in 2009, the network includes: - the entertainment destination for young women focused on fame,
fashion and friends; - the original platform devoted to social self
expression and visual blogging; and - a simpler game-play
environment for the younger, female demographic. The Stardoll Network works
with the world's biggest brands as they look to engage with an increasingly
elusive teen audience. The network is the number one publisher in ComScore's
teen category, both in Europe and globally. The business is headquartered in
Stockholm, Sweden with offices in the US, UK and Germany, and is backed by
two of the world's top venture capital firms: Sequoia Capital and Index

For more information, contact: Joan Lockwood, Head of Global PR, Stardoll Network, Tel: +44-020-7292-7143, Email: joan at

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