Labgency and Ikon Associates Releases Microsoft PlayReady DRM Solution

By Ikon Associates, PRNE
Sunday, October 2, 2011

PARIS, October 3, 2011 -

Orange has Selected This Solution to Develop Orange new Premium Applications: Orange VOD and Orange cinéma séries v2

Labgency SARL, provider of multiscreen products, together with distributor Ikon Associates SAS, announce the release of its Hedgehog Security System (HSS) player that includes Microsoft PlayReady support for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, WM7 devices.

“Our product is self-contained, end-to-end and modular (SDK available) to get integrated into existing head-ends”, said Vincent Viteau, Labgency. This market-proven solution, designed for efficiency, introduces unique features:

  • Transparent Post-delivery licenses to optimize global cost
  • Smart content download to enhance the user experience
  • Content and application individualisation
  • Security management over very large devices portfolio: 100+ devices HDMI output management
  • Non-connected and streaming consumption modes
  • Smoothstreaming Playready and WMDRM10

Labgency and Ikon Associates legal agreements and business models are available for subscription and on-demand deployments.

Olivier Dhotel, Orange Group Strategic Marketing, said “Bringing premium content to embedded devices was a challenge in terms of security, provisioning, and distribution. After the launch of the first  version of orange cinéma séries application in February 2011,  we are proud to launch the version 2 with premium features such as automatic download of new serie episodes”.  

“Awarded by our customers for its ease of use, we are now bringing the service to the next level with new devices, enhanced features and a VOD service for mobiles”, said Thomas Billaut, Orange France Marketing.

 ”Labgency is an innovative team that has embraced the integration of PlayReady onto mobile devices from the beginning, creating a secure, downloadable solution.” said Bill Wittress, Director, Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft Corp. “Labgency is introducing a range of interesting features with an efficient and flexible solution for mobile operators, broadcasters, premium content providers, integrators and OEMs.”

About Labgency and Ikon Associates

Labgency and Ikon Associates are private companies. They enable entertainment, TV, OTT services through cutting-edge user experiences recognized by Operators such as Boxer, Mobistar, Orange, Etisalat. Labgency provides Products on SetTopBox, Connected TV, Tablet, PC/MAC, Gaming console, Mobile: iOS, Android, RIM, WM7. Labgency has deployed OTT and managed portals; mobile live TV and VOD services. Labgency is Microsoft Playready licensee. Ikon Associates is Microsoft Playready final distributor. Movie Studios have audited and approved their products.


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