Leading Digital Agency Highlight the Rules of Effective Email Marketing

By Zeta, PRNE
Sunday, February 27, 2011

POOLE, England, February 28, 2011 - A new study by the DMA, the Direct Marketing Association, suggests that
80% of SME decision makers prefer initial marketing contact by email instead
of face-to-face meetings, direct mail, SMS or the telephone. Econsultancy
(2010) also highlighted the growing interest and support of digital marketing
after tracking the increase in use over the past 3 years. Although the
effectiveness of digital marketing may be obvious to those in our industry,
some businesses are still dragging their heels when it comes to embracing the
online marketing tools.

Leading digital agency Zeta (www.zeta.net/) understands that the
pace of digital marketing can be breath-taking. Tools such as Facebook,
Twitter and LinkedIn were quickly adopted by the business world, and have
since proved themselves invaluable.

A belief that one of the most effective tools within digital marketing is
the email campaign puts Zeta at the top of the game.

The first rule is to never lose sight of the fact that each campaign is
all about the recipient. Stating the obvious? The point has often been
forgotten now that we have the ability to mass mail so many people so easily.
Smaller highly targeted campaigns will achieve a higher return than a 'one
size fits all' send out.

The second rule is to be aware of ever developing technology, for example
8o% of people now read their emails on mobile devices. Making sure your email
campaign is compatible with mobile devices will allow you to reach people in
a way that suits them.

The third rule is to understand that consumers expect a two-way
interface; they demand to be treated as real people. Their preferences,
business priorities and potential aspirations need to be recognized.
Tailoring the campaign correctly to not only reach a multitude of people but
also appeal to each and every one of them is a skill.

Roger Allen, MD of Zeta, said, 'Email marketing and social networking can
be one of the most effective tools at any growing business's disposal. When
used correctly and designed with the consumer in mind they can reach the best
people quickly and effectively'.

He added 'here at Zeta we have had many years' experience learning about
what consumers want and how they want to be treated. We also understand the
importance of using different channels to approach different audiences, be
that Facebook, Twitter or email'.

To find out more (
www.zeta.net/online-email/targeted-email-marketing.html) or learn how
a successful targeted email campaign could help you, contact Zeta
today: info@zeta.net.

About Zeta

Established in 1999 Zeta is an integrated marketing and creative agency
specialising in digital strategy. With innovation and development without
compromising on creativity, Zeta help clients achieve growth and profit in
line with business objectives. Zeta provides return on investment through
data driven, researched solutions setting them apart from their competitors.

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Press Enquiries: Aimee Carmichael Tel: +44(0)1202-237135 Email:
aimee at zeta.net

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