DEFENSOFT to Plan Israel-Egypt Border Security for the IDF

By Defensoft Ltd., PRNE
Sunday, February 27, 2011

YOKNEAM, Israel, February 28, 2011 - DEFENSOFT Planning Systems announced that it has been selected
by the Israeli Ministry of Defense ("MoD") and the Israeli Defense Forces
("IDF") under a competitive tender, to supply its LIGHTHOUSE software,
planning and consulting services to produce optimum specifications,
quantities, and locations for detection, surveillance and communication
systems for controlling the Israel-Egypt Border. The contract is estimated to
reach over one million USD.

DEFENSOFT, a private Israeli Company, develops and markets
LIGHTHOUSE, a geo-spatial software system for integrated analysis of threat,
infrastructure, equipment and terrain to produce mission and optimized
security plans for borders, oil and gas facilities, airports, seaports,
military bases, and other critical assets. DEFENSOFT sells LIGHTHOUSE
software and services to commercial and government clients worldwide for
planning optimal deployment of detection and surveillance sensors,
communication devices, fences, patrol roads, response units, barriers, and
other security-related infrastructure. The advanced algorithms developed by
the Company over the last 8 years, enable users to quickly create
cost-effective security plans that answer operational requirements within
budget and other constraints. LIGHTHOUSE is also used by armies and border
agencies for planning surveillance missions and communication deployment for
mission support. In the US DEFENSOFT sells under the brand name CRITERRA by
affiliate company BSEC Planning Corp.

DEFENSOFT's track record includes security for thousands of
kilometers of borders in Israel, US and Asia, two large international
airports, and dozens of oil and gas assets worldwide. DEFENSOFT has been
selling its products and services to the IDF since 2004 for projects such as
the West Bank Security Fence, the Israel-Gaza Border, Israel's North Border,
and now Israel's border with Egypt.

Ittai Bar-Joseph, DEFENSOFT's VP Marketing, said there is a
growing global need for advanced technology that enables improved return on
investment from border and critical infrastructure security budgets - to
answer operational requirements at minimum cost. He stated that DEFENSOFT has
the technology, know-how, and experience to satisfy this need and enable its
customers to significantly save money and reduce risk. He added that,
"DEFENSOFT thanks the IDF and the MoD for the ongoing confidence they have in
the company since 2004. We will devote the knowledge and experience gained on
similar projects worldwide to support the IDF in achieving maximum security
on Israel's border with Egypt."

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    Ittai Bar-Joseph, VP Marketing
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Ittai Bar-Joseph, VP Marketing, Email: ittai at Mobile: +972(54)2325212, US: +1(617)901-2202

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