Secure Log-in - Fingerprint Replaces Password

By Dermalog Identification Systems Gmbh, PRNE
Sunday, February 27, 2011

HANNOVER and HAMBURG, Germany, February 28, 2011 - Passwords may soon be a thing of the past. Today some laptops already
provide the option to log in by fingerprint. Now this technology becomes
available for the professional use in large networks. The biometrics
specialist DERMALOG presents a new solution at CeBIT 2011, to make logging
into networks of a company, bank, hospital or government much easier and much
more secure - the DERMALOG FingerLogin, a keyboard with integrated
fingerprint scanner, together with the appropriate biometrics software for IT
networks. The new technology is already coming into use at the University
Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) for more than 3.900 computers of the

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Complicated, frequently changing passwords are a substantial security
risk for log-in to corporate networks. In general, they are not protected
carefully enough by users to prevent unauthorised access. DERMALOG, Germany's
largest biometrics manufacturer, presents a new technology at CeBIT - it is
not only more secure, but also easier and faster to use than conventional
entry of user name and password: log-in by fingerprint.

DERMALOG FingerLogin comprises two components - the keyboard with
integrated fingerprint scanner, ensuring maximum security by means of its
high-performance optics and Live Finger Detection. The keyboard can be
connected via USB interface to a PC or Thin Client. Secondly, powerful
biometric software, comparing the scan with the fingerprint database and
password administration. DERMALOG FingerLogin is the first professional
biometric solution designed for a large number of users and appropriate for
integration in networks of public authorities, companies and other
organisations, such as hospitals or banks. The system runs under Windows and

The main benefits of this innovation are evident - more security for
networks and data. Users no longer have to remember passwords, or to note them
down, which always means a security risk. Because the access data are often
kept in more or less obvious places right next to the computer. Use of
DERMALOG FingerLogin eliminates this source of risk, and substantially
improves data security. A fingerprint is a unique individual characteristic
and, unlike passwords, it cannot be stolen or passed on to someone else. Only
the owner of a registered finger can get at the data which are authorised for
his/her access. Any attempt to use an artificial finger is reliably detected
by the Live Finger Recognition system which is integrated in the fingerprint

This fast, convenient log-in system by fingerprint also avoids the
inconvenience of keying in a password, and thus also eliminates the risk that
applications with sensitive data could be opened when the user temporarily
leaves the workplace. It also saves work for IT departments, because there is
no longer any need for the time- and cost-intensive procedure of password

"The new FingerLogin system means passwords could soon be a thing of the
past," says Guenther Mull, CEO of DERMALOG. "We want to minimise the
security risk where large groups of users are accessing networks with
sensitive data. Fingerprint biometrics is the ideal solution, because it is
convenient and secure."

University Clinics implements DERMALOG FingerLogin

The new technology from DERMALOG is already operational today, as
demonstrated by the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), which will
in future protect its highly sensitive patients data with DERMALOG
FingerLogin, and is currently fitting out more than 3,900 computers with the
new technology. As Prof. Dr. Jörg F. Debatin, the Medical Director and CEO of
UKE explains, "As a university hospital, we see it as our responsibility to
shape future developments. Together with our industrial partners, we are
setting the trends for tomorrow. It gives clear benefits to introduce these
keyboards in the everyday work of our hospital - they can only be used by
persons positively identified by fingerprint scanning, and that gives
comprehensive protection from unauthorised access. And elimination of
password entry makes log-in easier and quicker."

DERMALOG is the largest German biometrics manufacturer and one
of the world leaders in fingerprint biometrics. DERMALOG presents FingerLogin
at CeBIT in Hall 11, Stand B38.

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