Lips Trump Eyes for Online Flirting, in Hunt for World's Best Pick-up Line

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Surprise Global Winner is: "You Have Beautiful Lips"

LONDON, December 20, 2010 - A man trying to woo a woman will stand the best chance of success if he
compliments her for having "beautiful lips", according to a new global study
of pick-up lines used by men for online flirting.

Such is the advice if the man does not know the woman's nationality. If,
however, the woman is Portuguese, he will have most success by telling her,
"You have beautiful ears". (Yes, really!)

So finds a study conducted by (, the
world's largest "social dating" network, with 87 million registered users
worldwide. Badoo analysed the response rates to the opening lines used in
nearly 200,000 [193,140] online flirtations in 10 languages over one month.

The most commonly used line was "You have beautiful eyes" but the line
that got the best response worldwide was, "You have beautiful lips".

However, other lines worked best in particular countries.

So, if a woman is Brazilian, American, French or Italian, he should
compliment her clothes; if she's British, her legs; if German or Canadian,
her skin.

If she's Spanish or South American, he should praise her hair; if
Portuguese or Dutch, her ears!

"This is a scientific study of which pick-up lines actually work", says
Lloyd Price, Badoo's Marketing Director. "We've found the Holy Grail of

So, why do women respond best to men praising their lips?

First, because it's bold, not cautious, says Jo Hemmings, a psychologist
and dating coach. Second, because it's unusual and so seems more personal.

TABLE: Most Successful Pick-Up Line By Location


    Worldwide       "You have beautiful lips"
    Portugal        "You have beautiful ears"
    Brazil          "You dress beautifully"
    UK              "You have beautiful legs"
    Spain           "You have beautiful hair"
    France          "You dress beautifully"
    Italy           "You dress beautifully"
    Germany         "You have beautiful skin"
    Netherlands     "You have beautiful ears"
    Russia          "You have a beautiful nose"
    Poland          "You have beautiful arms"
    Sweden          "You have a beautiful figure"
    USA             "You dress beautifully"
    Canada          "You have beautiful skin"
    Europe          "You dress beautifully"
    South America   "You have beautiful hair"


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