Manchester Dental Education Centre Chooses Mediasite for Lecture Capture, Event Webcasting

By Sonic Foundry Inc., PRNE
Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mediasite lecture capture technology chosen for creating modern education center

MADISON, Wisconsin, January 5, 2011 - Manchester Dental Education Centre (MANDEC) has expanded its audience
reach by adding Mediasite by Sonic Foundry, Inc. (Nasdaq: SOFO), the
recognized market leader for rich media webcasting, lecture capture and
knowledge management, to its classroom technology offering.

"The Mediasite webcasting platform allows us to explore more modern
educational technology," said Dr. Craig Barclay, director of education for
MANDEC. "We've been very much a traditional education center in terms of
providing traditional lectures; people show up, listen and go home, or show
up for their courses, get some hands-on learning and go home. As people
utilize different forms of online learning tools, Mediasite allows those
seeking education greater flexibility in how they access it. This learning
technology has enabled us to look at other ways of providing education
without people having to come into the center."

Open since 1997, MANDEC uses Mediasite to provide postgraduate and
continuing education for dentists, hygienists and technicians. From its
location on the top floor of a dental school in Manchester, England, MANDEC
also webcasts live clinical work from the education center to its delegates.
Recently the center has begun using Mediasite to expand the audience for
educational content, high-profile speakers and events.

"I believe there's no point in bringing someone hundreds of miles to
present a lecture in a small community or a small part of Britain when you
can open it up to a much larger audience within the U.K. or all of Europe.
Mediasite has offered the potential to have a meeting that can be accessed by
far more people than can come to the center," said Dr. Barclay.

Last spring Dr. Barclay organized a meeting in Glasgow, Scotland where
several hundred dentists gathered to hear 12 international speakers present
on the topic of dental implantology. The keynote speaker fell ill the night
before the conference and was unable to give his lecture to the in-person
audience. Eight months later, back in Glasgow for another event, Professor
Tomas Albrektsson, renowned for his work in oral implants, agreed to deliver
his lecture.

"The problem was a lot of delegates that initially came to the spring
conference live in various parts of the U.K. It was going to be very
difficult for all these people who had come together in March to reconvene in
Glasgow in November for a single lecture," said Dr. Barclay.

He turned to Mediasite for a hybrid event solution. Dr. Barclay invited
the delegates to existing lecture theaters in London, Manchester and Glasgow,
and used Mediasite to live stream the lecture and project it in each of the
remote locations over a secure network.

"It's a very clever system. I like the way people off-site can still ask
questions of the lecturer through Mediasite's ask feature and we had several
people do just that. Professor Albrektsson was impressed that he was
presenting in Glasgow and being asked questions from London," said Dr.
Barclay. "Sonic Foundry staff was instrumental in helping us make the event a

"We are thrilled to support MANDEC's educational technology efforts, and
look forward to their continued expansion of rich media webcasting to reach
new audiences, both in the classroom setting, professional development and
beyond," said Rimas Buinevicius, chairman and CEO of Sonic Foundry.

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