Market Publishers Ltd and GenericsWeb Sign Partnership Agreement

By The Market Publishers Ltd, PRNE
Sunday, December 26, 2010

LONDON, December 27, 2010 - Market Publishers Ltd and GenericsWeb Pty Ltd signed
partnership agreement for quality market research promotion on Internet. is now authorized to distribute and sell GenericsWeb
research reports. (

Mrs. Alla Martin, Head of Partner Relations Department, mentioned in her
comments on the agreement: "GenericsWeb is a highly professional company
whose title speaks for itself - the company focuses on the pipeline products,
new drugs developments, and extended patent information. We are sure that our
clients will develop much interest in the products offered by GenericsWeb,
among which there are regularly updated news and articles, business
intelligence, industry links, product development services and

In-demand market reports by GenericsWeb:

- Repaglinide - Comprehensive Patent Search (

- Ribavirin - Comprehensive Patent Search (

- Riluzole - Comprehensive Patent Search (

- Rimonabant - Comprehensive Patent Search (

- Risedronic Acid - Comprehensive Patent Search

- Risperidone - Comprehensive Patent Search (

- Ritonavir - Comprehensive Patent Search (

- Rituximab - Comprehensive Patent Search (

- Rivaroxaban - Comprehensive Patent Search (

- Rivastigmine - Comprehensive Patent Search (

(Due to the length of these URLs, it may be necessary to copy and paste
the hyperlinks into your Internet browser's URL address field. Remove the
space if one exists.)

Each of the above mentioned reports is a regularly updated,
professional patent search which not only identifies relevant patents, but
delivers categorisation and interpretation, all delivered by a convenient
online interface.

    Each Patent Search features:

    - Comprehensive patent searching, covering the world's key
    - Identifies patents covering molecule, formulation, process, use,
      combination and assay techniques;
    - Patent identification, categorisation and interpretation;
    - Grouped by patent family and assigned to development categories
      based on Interpretation of key aspects of the patent claims;
    - Manual filtration of patents not relevant to generic development;
    - Updated on a monthly basis, including changes to patent families,
      statuses, and litigation;
    - Enables fast analysis and verification by hyper-linking to
      crucial patent documents and national registers.

More details on GenericsWeb and their reports can be found at


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