Market Publishers Ltd and MMC International Sign Partnership Agreement

By The Market Publishers Ltd, PRNE
Wednesday, December 22, 2010

LONDON, December 23, 2010 - Market Publishers Ltd and MMC International signed
partnership agreement for quality market research promotion on Internet. is now authorized to distribute and sell MMC
International research reports

Mrs. Alla Martin, Head of Partner Relations Department, pointed in her
comments on the agreement: "MMC International is highly specialized in the
area of consulting and market research within healthcare products industry.
They have a full range of reports and guideline references on pharmaceutical
and healthcare industry, respective companies' strategic trends, product
licensing and M&A opportunities. We believe that by signing this agreement
MMC International and MarketPublishers have benchmarked new profitable
relations start."

In-demand market report by MMC International:

Marketing Activities and Market Research Throughout The Rx
Product Life Cycle - Reference. Pharmaceutical product development takes from
six to nine years. A myriad of individuals from multi-discipline teams are
involved. Marketing is responsible for a significant number of activities,
from the initial market/commercial assessment to the development and update
of the product's life cycle plan. All this work effort should be coordinated
and conducted in incremental steps, over a number of years, to maximize the
benefits of marketing and market research investments.

The report is based on customer interfaces, customer
questions, observed customer needs, pharmaceutical management interviews and
internal MMC team work and discussions. It provides a full-coverage analysis
from the perspective of how a large company would staff the effort …

More details on MMC International and their reports can be
found at


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