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Monday, March 7, 2011

DALLAS, March 8, 2011 - MarketReportsOnline announces it will Molecular Diagnostics World Market:
Potential and Reality, What's Hot and What's Not Market Research Report in
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This report The World Market for Molecular Diagnostics: Potential and
Reality, What's Hot and What's Not estimates the market for molecular
diagnostics and provides a realistic look at the role of molecular testing
and its future in various market segments. Analyst Shara Rosen, R.T. MBA,
reviews the competitors in the market and their latest moves.

There have been many predictions made about a molecular revolution in
diagnostics. Indeed some of those changes are now taking place, while other
predictions have not turned out to be true. How can companies sort out what
is effective and what is not in this market? For over a decade, Kalorama
Information's lead diagnostics analyst Shara Rosen, R.T., MBA has reviewed
the molecular diagnostics market. A lot has changed, and a lot has stayed the
same. There is intense competition but also opportunities for entrants in
some areas. This report The World Market for Molecular Diagnostics: Potential
and Reality, What's Hot and What's Not provides current market data for
business planning but also goes beyond the numbers to fully assess what is
going on in the market.

What are the important developments in the market? Who are the small
innovators in this industry and how are the big players reacting to them?
Which developments are "hot" - response from providers and payors and which
trends have not caught on? In this report, Rosen provides answers to these

The Rewards, Pitfalls and Competition of This High Potential Market

As we enter the second decade of the 21st century the investment in
molecular biology, in bioinformatics, in disease management research and the
unraveling of the human genome is bearing fruit. Almost every day the
discovery of new molecular markers for cancer, cardiac disease, diabetes,
arthritis, neurological diseases and psychiatric conditions are announced.

Far from being a cheerleader of what is clearly a growth market, The
World Market for Molecular Diagnostics -Potential and Reality, What's Hot and
What's Not provides a detailed examination of molecular testing today. Among
the data points the report provides are the following:

    - Current Market Size and Forecast for Molecular Segments (Infectious
      Disease, Blood Screening, Histology, Oncology, Prenatal, Coagulation,
      Tissue Typing, Inherited Diseases, Pharmacodiagnostics and Other)
    - Infectious Disease Molecular Sales by Disease (Hepatitis, HIV,
      GC/Chlamydia, HAI, Respiratory, Organism ID, Mycobacteria/TB, others)
    - Revenues of Top Molecular Diagnostic Companies
    - Recent Mergers and Acquisitions
    - Revenue of Test Service Companies
    - Geographic Breakout of Molecular Diagnostics Market by Region (North
      America, Europe, Asia, ROW)
    - Sample Prep Market, 2010 and 2015
    - Breakout of Molecular Histology/Cytology Market (in situ hybridization,
      HPV, Tissue Microarrays), 2010 and 2015
    - Important CLIA Lab Developments, 2008-2010

More and more laboratories offer complex panels of tests that help
physicians evaluate disease risk and make therapeutic decisions. Government
and private healthcare payors have recognized the value of new molecular
tools and have agreed to pay for them.

This renewed interest in IVDs in general and more particularly in
molecular diagnostics has lead to the commercialization of a number of
technological tools that make more sensitive and specific tests possible.
Some of these technological innovations include: cost-effective, multiplexed
testing platforms coupled with high-powered software capabilities. In
addition analyses using saliva, urine, and blood instead of biopsied tissue
make for more patient-friendly test systems.

Extensive Company Profiles

Kalorama provides profiles of over 110 companies participating in the
market. All of these companies have different strategies and compete in
different areas, and Kalorama acknowledges this by separating the companies
in a triage system based on where they stand in the molecular in vitro
diagnostics market.

    - "The Majors" -companies who are the top IVD companies and participate
      in multiple IVD markets.
    - "The Participants"- Molecular diagnostic companies who are by now
      established in the market.
    - "The Stars"- Those companies that have shown better than average
    - "Newcomers"- Companies who have novel or interesting approaches to keep
      an eye on
    - "High Potentials"- Companies that could show explosive growth but also
      could fall based on market developments
    - "Specialists" in various areas (microbiology, histology, quality
      control, sample prep)

A Realistic Look at The Need-To-Know Trends

Molecular diagnostics is a complicated market that requires a thorough
analysis to understand. Many reports make bold predictions which later are
proved incorrect by market events. In this report, Kalorama Information
provides revenues and market forecasts, but also looks deeply at some of the
trends in the market and what might impact results in the future. The report
summarizes what is working and what is not working in the past few years.
Shara Rosen, RT, MBA, looks at these trends, including 'Hot' Trends, and
'Lukewarm' Trends, including

    - New Platforms Making Their Mark Based on based on Miniaturization and
    - The Growing Significance of Quality Control Products and Innovations in
      this area.
    - The Sequence Begins: Innovations in DNA Sequencing, Key Players and its
      Future in Clinical Medicine
    - Pharmacodiagnostics and Where it Stands in 2011.
    - The Latest Growth Numbers of LDTs, regulatory activity, and their
      impact on the Market.
    - The $1000 Genome - If and When
    - Miniaturization and Multiplexing
    - The Ongoing Saga of Patents
    - Healthcare Reform and Reimbursement Trends
    - Integrated Sample Preparation and System Automation - A Growing Number
      of Competitors
    - Developments in Mass Spectroscopy
    - Screening for Wellness The Latest on Consumer Tests
    - Secondary and primary resources, including: trade publications, annual
      report and interviews with key executives in molecular diagnostics were
      used for this study.

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