MarketsandMarkets Published Global Food & Beverage Can Industry (2010 - 2015)

By Marketsandmarkets, PRNE
Tuesday, June 29, 2010

DALLAS, June 30, 2010 - The packaged food industry has seen a tremendous evolution in terms of
the technologies used for packaging. All the recent packaging technologies
are devised keeping in mind the convenience of the consumers and the
preservation and safety of food items. With rising average annual incomes,
better home cooking facilities, and a shift of people towards supermarket or
hypermarkets are the major factors driving this market. However, the market
for canned foods is expected to slow down as suppliers are switching to other
packaging technologies such as cartons, tetra packs, pouches, jars etc. But
the market for packaged canned food is expected to rise in the emerging
economies such as China, India etc. as the market growth in these countries
will be driven by the expansion of new products, particularly tinned cooking
sauces and ready meals, and by focusing on the rural markets through
efficient distribution channels.

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    - Define and measure the global market for food and beverage
      (F&B) cans with respect to materials and applications.
    - Analyze the market structure by identifying various sub-segments
      of the global F&B Can market.
    - Forecast revenues of the global F&B can market and its various
      submarkets with respect to four main geographies of U.S., Europe, Asia
      and RoW.
    - Identify major market trends and the factors driving or
      inhibiting growth of the global F&B can market and its various
    - Strategically analyze each submarket with respect to individual
      growth trends and contribution to the overall F&B can market.
    - Analyze opportunities in the market for the stakeholders by
      identifying high-growth segments of the global can market.
    - Strategically profile key players of the global can market, and
      comprehensively analyze their market share and core competencies in
      each segment.
    - Track and analyze competitive developments such as alliances,
      joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions in the global F&B Can


This research report categorizes the global market for F&B can market on
the basis of materials, applications, technology, and geography; forecasting
revenues and analyzing trends in each of the following submarkets:

On the basis of applications:

    - Food: sea food, vegetable, fruits and nuts, meat products and
      poultry, desserts, vegetarian ready meal, soup, pet food
    - Beverage: alcohol and non-alcohol

On the basis of materials:

    - Aluminum, steel and others

On the basis of technology:

    - Self heating and cooling, smart packaging, active packaging,
      and others

On the basis of geography:

    - U.S., Europe, Asia, RoW


    - Food and beverage can manufacturers
    - Canned food manufacturers
    - Research and consulting firms
    - R&D institutions

Table of contents

    1. Introduction
    1.1. Key take-aways
    1.2. Report description
    1.3. Scope of the report
    1.4. Methodology
    1.5. Stakeholders

    2. Summary

    3. Market overview
    3.1. Defining the market
    3.2. Business architecture
    3.3. Comparison of different types of packaging technologies
    3.4. Driving factor analysis of canned F&B market
    3.5. Relative potential matrix of canned F&B market
    3.6. Competitive scenario
    3.7. Winning imperatives

    4. Market dynamics
    4.1. Drivers
    4.2. Inhibitor
    4.3. Opportunities

    5. On the basis of material
    5.1. Aluminum
    5.2. Steel
    5.2.1. Polymer coated
    5.2.2. Tin coated
    5.3. Others

    6. On the basis of shape and sizes
    6.1. Cans
    6.1.1. By shapes Round and non rounds Bowls Novelty
    6.1.2. By size Small size Large size
    6.2. Ends
    6.2.1. By shape Easy open ends Peelable ends Standard ends/tabs
    6.2.2. By size Large size Small size

    7. Global packaged canned F&B market by application category
    7.1. Food
    7.1.1. Sea food Fish Crabs Oysters Other
    7.1.2. Vegetable
    7.1.3. Fruits and Nuts Fruits Nuts
    7.1.4. Meat Products and poultry Ready to eat Raw meat
    7.1.5. Desserts Dairy Products Confectionary Sweets Others
    7.1.6. Vegetarian ready meals
    7.1.7. Soups Vegetarian Non-vegetarian
    7.1.8. Pet food Dry canned pet food Wet canned pet food
    7.2. Beverage
    7.2.1. Alcoholic
    7.2.2. Non alcoholic

    8. Global packaged canned F&B market by end users
    8.1. Human Food
    8.1.1. Baby Food
    8.1.2. Adult Food
    8.2. Pet food

    9. On the basis of technology
    9.1. Twisted Top
    9.2. Self heating & cooling cans
    9.3. Microwavable Steel Bowl
    9.4. Packaging technology
    9.4.1. Smart packaging technology
    9.4.2. Active packaging technology

    10. Geographic analysis
    10.1. U.S.
    10.2. Europe
    10.3. Asia
    10.4. RoW

    11. Competitive landscape
    11.1. Market share
    11.2. Market trends
    11.3. New developments

    12. Alternative technologies for packaged food and beverages
    12.1. Tetra packs
    12.2. Cartons
    12.3. Glass
    12.4. Plastic
    12.4.1. PET jars
    12.4.2. Others
    12.5. Paperboard packaging

    13. Patent analysis

    14. Company profiles
    14.1. Amcor Limited (ADR)
    14.2. Alcoa
    14.3. Ball Corporation
    14.4. Bway Holding Company
    14.5. CLARCOR Inc.
    14.6. Crown Holdings, Inc.
    14.7. Fomento Economico Mexicano SAB (ADR)
    14.8. Highveld Steel and Vanadium (ADR)
    14.9. Rexam PLC (ADR)
    14.10. Silgan Holdings Inc.
    14.11. Sonoco Products Company
    14.12. Trimas Corporation

    15. Appendix
    15.1. U.S. patent
    15.2. Europe patent
    15.3. Japan patent

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